Btu (15.8°C, Canada) conversion

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Btu (15.8°C, Canada)


  • Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
  • BTU
  • Btu

Unit of:

  • Energy and power

Worldwide use:

  • The BTU is regularly used in English-speaking metric countries. It is widely used in heating and air conditioning, and power and steam generation.


One BTU is defined as the energy needed to warm 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere. One Btu (15.8°C, Canada) equates to 1054.615 J

Common references:

  • A 4inch wooden match that is completely burned generates approximately 1 BTU. one kilowatt-hour of electricity generates about 3,400 Btu, One pound of air-dried wood about 7,000 Btu, and a ton of coal about 20 million Btu

Usage context:

Used in the US, Canada and Caribbean to measure energy, and also used to help measure natural gas prices