Btu (I.T.) conversion

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Btu (I.T.)


  • Btu (I.T.)
  • BTU
  • Btu

Unit of:

  • Energy and power

Worldwide use:

  • The BTU is regularly used in English-speaking metric countries. It is widely used in heating and air conditioning, and power and steam generation.


One BTU (IT) was defined by the Fifth International Conference on the Properties of Steam to be exactly 4.1868 J

Common references:

  • A 4inch wooden match that is completely burned generates approximately 1 BTU. one kilowatt-hour of electricity generates about 3,400 Btu, One pound of air-dried wood about 7,000 Btu, and a ton of coal about 20 million Btu

Usage context:

Used in the US, Canada and Caribbean to measure energy, and also used to help measure natural gas prices