Calories (thermoc.) conversion

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Calories (thermoc.)


  • Cal

Unit of:

  • Energy and power

Worldwide use:

  • Thermochemical caolories tend to mainly be found in older reference books


The thermochemical calorie was defined in 1930 by Frederick Rossini as 4.1833 joules. With the change to absolute electrical units in 1948, the thermochemical calorie was redefined to 4.184 joules, to keep the same quantity of energy represented by it


The calorie was defined as a unit of heat in 1824 by Nicolas Clément . It is a metric unit but its use has been superceeded in the SI units by the Joule

Usage context:

Commonly used to measure thermochemical energy

Component units:

  • The kilogram calorie can be split into 1,000 calories