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Btu (15.8°C, Canada) to Ergs formula

erg =
Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
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Btu (15.8°C, Canada)

One BTU is defined as the energy needed to warm 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere. One Btu (15.8°C, Canada) equates to 1054.615 J


Btu (15.8°C, Canada) to Ergs formula

erg =
Btu (15.8°C, Canada)


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Btu (15.8°C, Canada) to Ergs table

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Btu (15.8°C, Canada) Ergs
0Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 0.00erg
1Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 10546149989.26erg
2Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 21092299978.53erg
3Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 31638449967.79erg
4Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 42184599957.06erg
5Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 52730749946.32erg
6Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 63276899935.59erg
7Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 73823049924.85erg
8Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 84369199914.12erg
9Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 94915349903.38erg
10Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 105461499892.65erg
11Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 116007649881.91erg
12Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 126553799871.17erg
13Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 137099949860.44erg
14Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 147646099849.70erg
15Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 158192249838.97erg
16Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 168738399828.23erg
17Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 179284549817.50erg
18Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 189830699806.76erg
19Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 200376849796.03erg
Btu (15.8°C, Canada) Ergs
20Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 210922999785.29erg
21Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 221469149774.56erg
22Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 232015299763.82erg
23Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 242561449753.08erg
24Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 253107599742.35erg
25Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 263653749731.61erg
26Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 274199899720.88erg
27Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 284746049710.14erg
28Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 295292199699.41erg
29Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 305838349688.67erg
30Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 316384499677.94erg
31Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 326930649667.20erg
32Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 337476799656.47erg
33Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 348022949645.73erg
34Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 358569099634.99erg
35Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 369115249624.26erg
36Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 379661399613.52erg
37Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 390207549602.79erg
38Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 400753699592.05erg
39Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 411299849581.32erg
Btu (15.8°C, Canada) Ergs
40Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 421845999570.58erg
41Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 432392149559.85erg
42Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 442938299549.11erg
43Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 453484449538.38erg
44Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 464030599527.64erg
45Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 474576749516.90erg
46Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 485122899506.17erg
47Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 495669049495.43erg
48Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 506215199484.70erg
49Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 516761349473.96erg
50Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 527307499463.23erg
51Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 537853649452.49erg
52Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 548399799441.76erg
53Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 558945949431.02erg
54Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 569492099420.29erg
55Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 580038249409.55erg
56Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 590584399398.81erg
57Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 601130549388.08erg
58Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 611676699377.34erg
59Btu (15.8°C, Canada) 622222849366.61erg