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Zimbabwean dollar


The Zimbabwe Dollar was abandoned as the national currency of Zimbabwe on the 12th April 2009. With trillion dollar denominations and four currency re-issues, the national post service, Zimpost, was charging customers in US Dollars. It is understood that the Zimbabwe Dollar will not be re-issued until more stable economic times have returned.

The South African Rand, Botswana Pula, Indian Rupee, Euro, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan and Pound Sterling are accepted as currency in Zimbabwe.


The Zimbabwean Dollar replaced the Rhodesian Dollar in 1980 at par. At its introduction the Zimbabwean Dollar was worth more than the US Dollar in the official exchange rate market. Since then there have been four re-issues of the Zimbabwean Dollar. The fourth in 2009 saw the 1 trillion Z$ note being exchanged for 1 new Z$. As of late 2009 the finance Minister announced that all Zimbabweans would be allowed to conduct business in any hard currency as a response to hyperinflation.

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