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Vanuatu vatu

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Formerly known as New Hebrides before independence, the currency of Vanuatu is the Vatu. Coinage comes in denominations of 1VT, 2VT, 5VT, 10VT, 20VT, 50VT and 100VT. The banknotes are available in 100VT, 200VT, 500VT, 1000VT, 2000VT, 5000VT and 10000VT.

The Vanuatu Vatu doesn't have a subunit. 1 Vatu is the smallest denomination. A sum of 100 Vatu is informally referred to as a notional Dollar. 


The Vatu was introduced by the new ruling party in 1982, two years after independence, to replace the New Hebrides Franc at par. This also saw the end of the official circulation of the Australian Dollar. The first post colonial coin to be introduced was the 50 Vatu coin which commemorated the country's independence.

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