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Sierra Leonean leone

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The Sierra Leonean Leone is the official currency of Sierre Leone. In June 2010 the Bank of Sierra Leone issued a new set of notes that were smaller in size and much more durable. The new notes are the Le 1000, Le 2000, Le 5000 and Le 10000. Coins still in circulation, but less common, are the 10, 50, 100, 500 Leone.

Following the civil war of 1991 – 2002 inflation was high and poverty common. Sierra Leone's coinage dropped in value and their metal was worth less than their face value. Coins are rarely used today.


From 1791 to 1805 the currency of Sierra Leone was the Sierra Leone Dollar. It was pegged to Sterling at the rate of 1 Dollar = 4 Shillings 2 Pence. This was replaced by the British West African Pound which was equal to the Pound Sterling and was divided into 20 Shillings on par. In 1964, when most countries of the region replaced the West African Pound with their own currencies, Sierra Leone replaced it with the Leone.

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