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Moroccan dirham

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The Moroccan Dirham is the official currency of Morocco. One Moroccan Dirham is worth 100 Santimat (the singular subunit is Santim.) Coins are issued in 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Santimat as well as ½, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Moroccan Dirhams. Banknotes come in 20, 50, 100 and 200 Dirhams.

Due to being a closed currency, Moroccan Dirhams can not be imported, exported or exchanged outside of Morocco.


From 1882, the currency of Morocco was the Moroccan Rial which was made up of 10 Dirham or 500 Mazunas. This was the first proper currency of Morocco. Before this, copper falus, silver dirham and gold benduqi were used. In 1912, the Rial was replaced by the Spanish Peseta in the Spanish region of Morocco and in 1921, the French Franc in French region of Morocco. In 1957, the French Franc became the official currency of the whole of Morocco and was made up of 100 Centimes. The Moroccan Dirham was established in 1960 made up of 100 Francs initially and then 100 Centimes in 1974.

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