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Brazilian real

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The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real. One Real is worth 100 Centavos. Coins are minted in 5, 10, 25 and 50 Centavos and 1 Brazilian Real. Banknotes are issued in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Brazilian Reals. A 1 Centavo coin and 1 Real banknote are also in circulation but have not been issued since 2006. The first set of coins were produced in 1994 and a new set were circulated in 1998. Polymer banknotes were introduced in 2004 and each note depicts a different color and animal.

The word "Real" in Portuguese means "royal" or "real." The Dollar sign used for the Brazilian Real uses two vertical lines instead of the more recognized one line. Traditionally Brazilian banknotes feature the words "Deus Seja Louvado" which means "God Be Praised." However in 2012, it was questioned as to whether these words should be used as the country’s stance on religion is neutral. The bank stated that it was not favoring one particular religion but could "legitimately make reference to the existence of a higher being."


Today’s Real was first established in 1994 in place of the old Cruzeiro currency which had suffered from extreme inflation rates since its introduction in 1942. However, despite experiencing a healthy raise in value against the US Dollar initially, the new Real has seen varying exchange rates and a loss in value going from 1:1 to the US Dollar, down to 4:1 and then back up to 2:1.

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