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Pounds to Troy Ounces formula

t oz =
lb * 14.583
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The imperial (avoirdupois, or international) pound is officially defined as 453.59237 grams.


Pounds to Troy Ounces formula

t oz =
lb * 14.583

Troy Ounces

A unit of apothecary weight equal to 480 grains or one twelfth of a troy pound


Pounds to Troy Ounces table

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Pounds Troy Ounces
0lb 0.00t oz
1lb 14.58t oz
2lb 29.17t oz
3lb 43.75t oz
4lb 58.33t oz
5lb 72.92t oz
6lb 87.50t oz
7lb 102.08t oz
8lb 116.67t oz
9lb 131.25t oz
10lb 145.83t oz
11lb 160.42t oz
12lb 175.00t oz
13lb 189.58t oz
14lb 204.17t oz
15lb 218.75t oz
16lb 233.33t oz
17lb 247.92t oz
18lb 262.50t oz
19lb 277.08t oz
Pounds Troy Ounces
20lb 291.67t oz
21lb 306.25t oz
22lb 320.83t oz
23lb 335.42t oz
24lb 350.00t oz
25lb 364.58t oz
26lb 379.17t oz
27lb 393.75t oz
28lb 408.33t oz
29lb 422.92t oz
30lb 437.50t oz
31lb 452.08t oz
32lb 466.67t oz
33lb 481.25t oz
34lb 495.83t oz
35lb 510.42t oz
36lb 525.00t oz
37lb 539.58t oz
38lb 554.17t oz
39lb 568.75t oz
Pounds Troy Ounces
40lb 583.33t oz
41lb 597.92t oz
42lb 612.50t oz
43lb 627.08t oz
44lb 641.67t oz
45lb 656.25t oz
46lb 670.83t oz
47lb 685.42t oz
48lb 700.00t oz
49lb 714.58t oz
50lb 729.17t oz
51lb 743.75t oz
52lb 758.33t oz
53lb 772.92t oz
54lb 787.50t oz
55lb 802.08t oz
56lb 816.67t oz
57lb 831.25t oz
58lb 845.83t oz
59lb 860.42t oz