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Long Tons (UK) to Pounds formula

lb =
UK t * 2240.0
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Long Tons (UK)

A long ton is a British measurement and equivilent to 2,240 pounds. Not to be confused with the US "short ton"


Long Tons (UK) to Pounds formula

lb =
UK t * 2240.0


The pound is a measurement of mass used in the imperial system, and is accepted on a day-to-day basis as a unit of weight (the gravitational force acting on any given object).


Long Tons (UK) to Pounds table

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Long Tons (UK) Pounds
0UK t 0.00lb
1UK t 2240.00lb
2UK t 4480.00lb
3UK t 6720.00lb
4UK t 8960.00lb
5UK t 11200.00lb
6UK t 13440.00lb
7UK t 15680.00lb
8UK t 17920.00lb
9UK t 20160.00lb
10UK t 22400.00lb
11UK t 24640.00lb
12UK t 26880.00lb
13UK t 29120.00lb
14UK t 31360.00lb
15UK t 33600.00lb
16UK t 35840.00lb
17UK t 38080.00lb
18UK t 40320.00lb
19UK t 42560.00lb
Long Tons (UK) Pounds
20UK t 44800.00lb
21UK t 47040.00lb
22UK t 49280.00lb
23UK t 51520.00lb
24UK t 53760.00lb
25UK t 56000.00lb
26UK t 58240.00lb
27UK t 60480.00lb
28UK t 62720.00lb
29UK t 64960.00lb
30UK t 67200.00lb
31UK t 69440.00lb
32UK t 71680.00lb
33UK t 73920.00lb
34UK t 76160.00lb
35UK t 78400.00lb
36UK t 80640.00lb
37UK t 82880.00lb
38UK t 85120.00lb
39UK t 87360.00lb
Long Tons (UK) Pounds
40UK t 89600.00lb
41UK t 91840.00lb
42UK t 94080.00lb
43UK t 96320.00lb
44UK t 98560.00lb
45UK t 100800.00lb
46UK t 103040.00lb
47UK t 105280.00lb
48UK t 107520.00lb
49UK t 109760.00lb
50UK t 112000.00lb
51UK t 114240.00lb
52UK t 116480.00lb
53UK t 118720.00lb
54UK t 120960.00lb
55UK t 123200.00lb
56UK t 125440.00lb
57UK t 127680.00lb
58UK t 129920.00lb
59UK t 132160.00lb