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Long Tons (UK) to Pennyweights formula

dwt =
UK t * 653330
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Long Tons (UK)

A long ton is a British measurement and equivilent to 2,240 pounds. Not to be confused with the US "short ton"


Long Tons (UK) to Pennyweights formula

dwt =
UK t * 653330


A measure of Troy weight equalling 24 grains or the twentieth part of a Troy ounce (there are 12 ounces in a pound Troy). Pennyweight is usually abbreviated dwt.


Long Tons (UK) to Pennyweights table

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Long Tons (UK) Pennyweights
0UK t 0.00dwt
1UK t 653333.33dwt
2UK t 1306666.66dwt
3UK t 1959999.99dwt
4UK t 2613333.32dwt
5UK t 3266666.65dwt
6UK t 3919999.98dwt
7UK t 4573333.31dwt
8UK t 5226666.64dwt
9UK t 5879999.97dwt
10UK t 6533333.30dwt
11UK t 7186666.63dwt
12UK t 7839999.96dwt
13UK t 8493333.29dwt
14UK t 9146666.62dwt
15UK t 9799999.96dwt
16UK t 10453333.29dwt
17UK t 11106666.62dwt
18UK t 11759999.95dwt
19UK t 12413333.28dwt
Long Tons (UK) Pennyweights
20UK t 13066666.61dwt
21UK t 13719999.94dwt
22UK t 14373333.27dwt
23UK t 15026666.60dwt
24UK t 15679999.93dwt
25UK t 16333333.26dwt
26UK t 16986666.59dwt
27UK t 17639999.92dwt
28UK t 18293333.25dwt
29UK t 18946666.58dwt
30UK t 19599999.91dwt
31UK t 20253333.24dwt
32UK t 20906666.57dwt
33UK t 21559999.90dwt
34UK t 22213333.23dwt
35UK t 22866666.56dwt
36UK t 23519999.89dwt
37UK t 24173333.22dwt
38UK t 24826666.55dwt
39UK t 25479999.88dwt
Long Tons (UK) Pennyweights
40UK t 26133333.21dwt
41UK t 26786666.54dwt
42UK t 27439999.87dwt
43UK t 28093333.21dwt
44UK t 28746666.54dwt
45UK t 29399999.87dwt
46UK t 30053333.20dwt
47UK t 30706666.53dwt
48UK t 31359999.86dwt
49UK t 32013333.19dwt
50UK t 32666666.52dwt
51UK t 33319999.85dwt
52UK t 33973333.18dwt
53UK t 34626666.51dwt
54UK t 35279999.84dwt
55UK t 35933333.17dwt
56UK t 36586666.50dwt
57UK t 37239999.83dwt
58UK t 37893333.16dwt
59UK t 38546666.49dwt