Long Hundredweights (UK) to Troy Pounds

Long Hundredweights (UK) to Troy Pounds conversion calculator

Troy Pounds to Long Hundredweights (UK) (Swap units)

1cwt long = 136.11138t lb


Note: You can increase or decrease the accuracy of this answer by selecting the number of significant figures required from the options above the result.

Long Hundredweights (UK) to Troy Pounds conversion formula

Troy Pounds = Long Hundredweights (UK) * 136.11137924

Long Hundredweights (UK) to Troy Pounds calculation

Troy Pounds = Long Hundredweights (UK) * 136.11137924

Troy Pounds = 1 * 136.11137923502

Troy Pounds = 136.11138

What is a long hundredweight?

A long hundredweight, also known as the imperial hundredweight, is a unit of weight commonly used in the United Kingdom and other countries that follow the imperial system of measurements.

It is equivalent to 112 pounds or approximately 50.802 kilograms. The long hundredweight is often used in trade and commerce for measuring bulk goods such as grains, coal, and other commodities.

In the metric system, the equivalent unit of weight to a long hundredweight is the metric ton, also known as a tonne. One metric ton is equal to 1,000 kilograms or approximately 2,204.62 pounds. When converting from long hundredweights to metric tons, one would divide the weight in long hundredweights by 20 to obtain the weight in metric tons. For example, if a shipment weighs 5 long hundredweights, it would be equivalent to 0.25 metric tons. The metric ton is the preferred unit of weight in most countries around the world due to its simplicity and ease of conversion in the metric system.

What are Troy Pounds?

Troy pounds are a unit of measurement commonly used in the precious metals industry, particularly for weighing gold, silver, and other valuable metals.

One troy pound is equivalent to 12 troy ounces, which is slightly heavier than the avoirdupois pound commonly used in everyday measurements. The troy pound is often denoted by the symbol "lb t" to distinguish it from the avoirdupois pound.


Long Hundredweights (UK) to Troy Pounds table

Starting value
Long Hundredweights (UK)
Troy Pounds
0cwt long
0.00000t lb
1cwt long
136.11138t lb
2cwt long
272.22276t lb
3cwt long
408.33414t lb
4cwt long
544.44552t lb
5cwt long
680.55690t lb
6cwt long
816.66828t lb
7cwt long
952.77965t lb
8cwt long
1,088.89103t lb
9cwt long
1,225.00241t lb
10cwt long
1,361.11379t lb
11cwt long
1,497.22517t lb
12cwt long
1,633.33655t lb
13cwt long
1,769.44793t lb
14cwt long
1,905.55931t lb
15cwt long
2,041.67069t lb
16cwt long
2,177.78207t lb
17cwt long
2,313.89345t lb
18cwt long
2,450.00483t lb
19cwt long
2,586.11621t lb
Long Hundredweights (UK)
Troy Pounds
20cwt long
2,722.22758t lb
21cwt long
2,858.33896t lb
22cwt long
2,994.45034t lb
23cwt long
3,130.56172t lb
24cwt long
3,266.67310t lb
25cwt long
3,402.78448t lb
26cwt long
3,538.89586t lb
27cwt long
3,675.00724t lb
28cwt long
3,811.11862t lb
29cwt long
3,947.23000t lb
30cwt long
4,083.34138t lb
31cwt long
4,219.45276t lb
32cwt long
4,355.56414t lb
33cwt long
4,491.67551t lb
34cwt long
4,627.78689t lb
35cwt long
4,763.89827t lb
36cwt long
4,900.00965t lb
37cwt long
5,036.12103t lb
38cwt long
5,172.23241t lb
39cwt long
5,308.34379t lb
Long Hundredweights (UK)
Troy Pounds
40cwt long
5,444.45517t lb
41cwt long
5,580.56655t lb
42cwt long
5,716.67793t lb
43cwt long
5,852.78931t lb
44cwt long
5,988.90069t lb
45cwt long
6,125.01207t lb
46cwt long
6,261.12344t lb
47cwt long
6,397.23482t lb
48cwt long
6,533.34620t lb
49cwt long
6,669.45758t lb
50cwt long
6,805.56896t lb
51cwt long
6,941.68034t lb
52cwt long
7,077.79172t lb
53cwt long
7,213.90310t lb
54cwt long
7,350.01448t lb
55cwt long
7,486.12586t lb
56cwt long
7,622.23724t lb
57cwt long
7,758.34862t lb
58cwt long
7,894.46000t lb
59cwt long
8,030.57137t lb
Long Hundredweights (UK)
Troy Pounds
60cwt long
8,166.68275t lb
61cwt long
8,302.79413t lb
62cwt long
8,438.90551t lb
63cwt long
8,575.01689t lb
64cwt long
8,711.12827t lb
65cwt long
8,847.23965t lb
66cwt long
8,983.35103t lb
67cwt long
9,119.46241t lb
68cwt long
9,255.57379t lb
69cwt long
9,391.68517t lb
70cwt long
9,527.79655t lb
71cwt long
9,663.90793t lb
72cwt long
9,800.01930t lb
73cwt long
9,936.13068t lb
74cwt long
10,072.24206t lb
75cwt long
10,208.35344t lb
76cwt long
10,344.46482t lb
77cwt long
10,480.57620t lb
78cwt long
10,616.68758t lb
79cwt long
10,752.79896t lb

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