US Barrels (Oil) to Cubic Feet

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US Barrels (Oil) to Cubic Feet formula

ft³ =
US bbl oil * 5.6146
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More information: Cubic Feet

US Barrels (Oil)

US measurement of volume for petroleum. See also US liquid barrels, US federal barrels, US dry barrels and UK barrels.


US Barrels (Oil) to Cubic Feet formula

ft³ =
US bbl oil * 5.6146

Cubic Feet

The cubic foot is a unit of volume used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems.

The cubic foot can be used to describe a volume of a given material, or the capacity of a container to hold such a material.


US Barrels (Oil) to Cubic Feet table

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US Barrels (Oil) Cubic Feet
0US bbl oil 0.00ft³
1US bbl oil 5.61ft³
2US bbl oil 11.23ft³
3US bbl oil 16.84ft³
4US bbl oil 22.46ft³
5US bbl oil 28.07ft³
6US bbl oil 33.69ft³
7US bbl oil 39.30ft³
8US bbl oil 44.92ft³
9US bbl oil 50.53ft³
10US bbl oil 56.15ft³
11US bbl oil 61.76ft³
12US bbl oil 67.38ft³
13US bbl oil 72.99ft³
14US bbl oil 78.60ft³
15US bbl oil 84.22ft³
16US bbl oil 89.83ft³
17US bbl oil 95.45ft³
18US bbl oil 101.06ft³
19US bbl oil 106.68ft³
US Barrels (Oil) Cubic Feet
20US bbl oil 112.29ft³
21US bbl oil 117.91ft³
22US bbl oil 123.52ft³
23US bbl oil 129.14ft³
24US bbl oil 134.75ft³
25US bbl oil 140.36ft³
26US bbl oil 145.98ft³
27US bbl oil 151.59ft³
28US bbl oil 157.21ft³
29US bbl oil 162.82ft³
30US bbl oil 168.44ft³
31US bbl oil 174.05ft³
32US bbl oil 179.67ft³
33US bbl oil 185.28ft³
34US bbl oil 190.90ft³
35US bbl oil 196.51ft³
36US bbl oil 202.13ft³
37US bbl oil 207.74ft³
38US bbl oil 213.35ft³
39US bbl oil 218.97ft³
US Barrels (Oil) Cubic Feet
40US bbl oil 224.58ft³
41US bbl oil 230.20ft³
42US bbl oil 235.81ft³
43US bbl oil 241.43ft³
44US bbl oil 247.04ft³
45US bbl oil 252.66ft³
46US bbl oil 258.27ft³
47US bbl oil 263.89ft³
48US bbl oil 269.50ft³
49US bbl oil 275.11ft³
50US bbl oil 280.73ft³
51US bbl oil 286.34ft³
52US bbl oil 291.96ft³
53US bbl oil 297.57ft³
54US bbl oil 303.19ft³
55US bbl oil 308.80ft³
56US bbl oil 314.42ft³
57US bbl oil 320.03ft³
58US bbl oil 325.65ft³
59US bbl oil 331.26ft³