US Gallons (Liquid) to US Cups

US Cups to US Gallons (Liquid) (Swap Units)


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US Gallons (Liquid) to US Cups formula

cup US =
US gal lqd * 16.000
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US Gallons (Liquid)

A US capacity measure (for liquid) equal to 4 quarts or 3.785 liters. Note also there are different measures of US dry gallons and UK gallons.


US Gallons (Liquid) to US Cups formula

cup US =
US gal lqd * 16.000

US Cups

A United States liquid unit equal to 8 fluid ounces.


US Gallons (Liquid) to US Cups table

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US Gallons (Liquid) US Cups
0US gal lqd 0.00cup US
1US gal lqd 16.00cup US
2US gal lqd 32.00cup US
3US gal lqd 48.00cup US
4US gal lqd 64.00cup US
5US gal lqd 80.00cup US
6US gal lqd 96.00cup US
7US gal lqd 112.00cup US
8US gal lqd 128.00cup US
9US gal lqd 144.00cup US
10US gal lqd 160.00cup US
11US gal lqd 176.00cup US
12US gal lqd 192.00cup US
13US gal lqd 208.00cup US
14US gal lqd 224.00cup US
15US gal lqd 240.00cup US
16US gal lqd 256.00cup US
17US gal lqd 272.00cup US
18US gal lqd 288.00cup US
19US gal lqd 304.00cup US
US Gallons (Liquid) US Cups
20US gal lqd 320.00cup US
21US gal lqd 336.00cup US
22US gal lqd 352.00cup US
23US gal lqd 368.00cup US
24US gal lqd 384.00cup US
25US gal lqd 400.00cup US
26US gal lqd 416.00cup US
27US gal lqd 432.00cup US
28US gal lqd 448.00cup US
29US gal lqd 464.00cup US
30US gal lqd 480.00cup US
31US gal lqd 496.00cup US
32US gal lqd 512.00cup US
33US gal lqd 528.00cup US
34US gal lqd 544.00cup US
35US gal lqd 560.00cup US
36US gal lqd 576.00cup US
37US gal lqd 592.00cup US
38US gal lqd 608.00cup US
39US gal lqd 624.00cup US
US Gallons (Liquid) US Cups
40US gal lqd 640.00cup US
41US gal lqd 656.00cup US
42US gal lqd 672.00cup US
43US gal lqd 688.00cup US
44US gal lqd 704.00cup US
45US gal lqd 720.00cup US
46US gal lqd 736.00cup US
47US gal lqd 752.00cup US
48US gal lqd 768.00cup US
49US gal lqd 784.00cup US
50US gal lqd 800.00cup US
51US gal lqd 816.00cup US
52US gal lqd 832.00cup US
53US gal lqd 848.00cup US
54US gal lqd 864.00cup US
55US gal lqd 880.00cup US
56US gal lqd 896.00cup US
57US gal lqd 912.00cup US
58US gal lqd 928.00cup US
59US gal lqd 944.00cup US