US Gallons (Liquid) to Canadian Cups

Canadian Cups to US Gallons (Liquid) (Swap Units)


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US Gallons (Liquid) to Canadian Cups formula

cup can =
US gal lqd * 16.653
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US Gallons (Liquid)

A US capacity measure (for liquid) equal to 4 quarts or 3.785 liters. Note also there are different measures of US dry gallons and UK gallons.


US Gallons (Liquid) to Canadian Cups formula

cup can =
US gal lqd * 16.653

Canadian Cups

A Canadian liquid unit which differs slightly to the US and metric cup measurment


US Gallons (Liquid) to Canadian Cups table

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US Gallons (Liquid) Canadian Cups
0US gal lqd 0.00cup can
1US gal lqd 16.65cup can
2US gal lqd 33.31cup can
3US gal lqd 49.96cup can
4US gal lqd 66.61cup can
5US gal lqd 83.27cup can
6US gal lqd 99.92cup can
7US gal lqd 116.57cup can
8US gal lqd 133.23cup can
9US gal lqd 149.88cup can
10US gal lqd 166.53cup can
11US gal lqd 183.19cup can
12US gal lqd 199.84cup can
13US gal lqd 216.50cup can
14US gal lqd 233.15cup can
15US gal lqd 249.80cup can
16US gal lqd 266.46cup can
17US gal lqd 283.11cup can
18US gal lqd 299.76cup can
19US gal lqd 316.42cup can
US Gallons (Liquid) Canadian Cups
20US gal lqd 333.07cup can
21US gal lqd 349.72cup can
22US gal lqd 366.38cup can
23US gal lqd 383.03cup can
24US gal lqd 399.68cup can
25US gal lqd 416.34cup can
26US gal lqd 432.99cup can
27US gal lqd 449.64cup can
28US gal lqd 466.30cup can
29US gal lqd 482.95cup can
30US gal lqd 499.60cup can
31US gal lqd 516.26cup can
32US gal lqd 532.91cup can
33US gal lqd 549.56cup can
34US gal lqd 566.22cup can
35US gal lqd 582.87cup can
36US gal lqd 599.53cup can
37US gal lqd 616.18cup can
38US gal lqd 632.83cup can
39US gal lqd 649.49cup can
US Gallons (Liquid) Canadian Cups
40US gal lqd 666.14cup can
41US gal lqd 682.79cup can
42US gal lqd 699.45cup can
43US gal lqd 716.10cup can
44US gal lqd 732.75cup can
45US gal lqd 749.41cup can
46US gal lqd 766.06cup can
47US gal lqd 782.71cup can
48US gal lqd 799.37cup can
49US gal lqd 816.02cup can
50US gal lqd 832.67cup can
51US gal lqd 849.33cup can
52US gal lqd 865.98cup can
53US gal lqd 882.63cup can
54US gal lqd 899.29cup can
55US gal lqd 915.94cup can
56US gal lqd 932.60cup can
57US gal lqd 949.25cup can
58US gal lqd 965.90cup can
59US gal lqd 982.56cup can