US Barrels (Liquid) to Cubic Centimeters

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Convert US Barrels (Liquid) to Cubic Centimeters

cm³ =
US bbl lqd
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US Barrels (Liquid)

US measurement of volume for non-petroleum liquids. See also US oil barrels, US federal barrels, US dry barrels and UK barrels.


Convert US Barrels (Liquid) to Cubic Centimeters

cm³ =
US bbl lqd

Cubic Centimeters

The volume equivelent to a cube of one centimeter by one centimeter by one centimeter. More often referred to as a Milliliter since it is a thousanth of a liter.


US Barrels (Liquid) to Cubic Centimeters table
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US Barrels (Liquid) Cubic Centimeters
0US bbl lqd 0.00cm³
1US bbl lqd 119240.47cm³
2US bbl lqd 238480.94cm³
3US bbl lqd 357721.41cm³
4US bbl lqd 476961.88cm³
5US bbl lqd 596202.35cm³
6US bbl lqd 715442.82cm³
7US bbl lqd 834683.29cm³
8US bbl lqd 953923.77cm³
9US bbl lqd 1073164.24cm³
10US bbl lqd 1192404.71cm³
11US bbl lqd 1311645.18cm³
12US bbl lqd 1430885.65cm³
13US bbl lqd 1550126.12cm³
14US bbl lqd 1669366.59cm³
15US bbl lqd 1788607.06cm³
16US bbl lqd 1907847.53cm³
17US bbl lqd 2027088.00cm³
18US bbl lqd 2146328.47cm³
19US bbl lqd 2265568.94cm³
US Barrels (Liquid) Cubic Centimeters
20US bbl lqd 2384809.41cm³
21US bbl lqd 2504049.88cm³
22US bbl lqd 2623290.35cm³
23US bbl lqd 2742530.82cm³
24US bbl lqd 2861771.30cm³
25US bbl lqd 2981011.77cm³
26US bbl lqd 3100252.24cm³
27US bbl lqd 3219492.71cm³
28US bbl lqd 3338733.18cm³
29US bbl lqd 3457973.65cm³
30US bbl lqd 3577214.12cm³
31US bbl lqd 3696454.59cm³
32US bbl lqd 3815695.06cm³
33US bbl lqd 3934935.53cm³
34US bbl lqd 4054176.00cm³
35US bbl lqd 4173416.47cm³
36US bbl lqd 4292656.94cm³
37US bbl lqd 4411897.41cm³
38US bbl lqd 4531137.88cm³
39US bbl lqd 4650378.35cm³
US Barrels (Liquid) Cubic Centimeters
40US bbl lqd 4769618.83cm³
41US bbl lqd 4888859.30cm³
42US bbl lqd 5008099.77cm³
43US bbl lqd 5127340.24cm³
44US bbl lqd 5246580.71cm³
45US bbl lqd 5365821.18cm³
46US bbl lqd 5485061.65cm³
47US bbl lqd 5604302.12cm³
48US bbl lqd 5723542.59cm³
49US bbl lqd 5842783.06cm³
50US bbl lqd 5962023.53cm³
51US bbl lqd 6081264.00cm³
52US bbl lqd 6200504.47cm³
53US bbl lqd 6319744.94cm³
54US bbl lqd 6438985.41cm³
55US bbl lqd 6558225.88cm³
56US bbl lqd 6677466.36cm³
57US bbl lqd 6796706.83cm³
58US bbl lqd 6915947.30cm³
59US bbl lqd 7035187.77cm³
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