US Barrels (Liquid) to Centiliters

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Convert US Barrels (Liquid) to Centiliters

cl =
US bbl lqd
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US Barrels (Liquid)

US measurement of volume for non-petroleum liquids. See also US oil barrels, US federal barrels, US dry barrels and UK barrels.


Convert US Barrels (Liquid) to Centiliters

cl =
US bbl lqd


A metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter


US Barrels (Liquid) to Centiliters table
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US Barrels (Liquid) Centiliters
0US bbl lqd 0.00cl
1US bbl lqd 11924.05cl
2US bbl lqd 23848.09cl
3US bbl lqd 35772.14cl
4US bbl lqd 47696.19cl
5US bbl lqd 59620.24cl
6US bbl lqd 71544.28cl
7US bbl lqd 83468.33cl
8US bbl lqd 95392.38cl
9US bbl lqd 107316.42cl
10US bbl lqd 119240.47cl
11US bbl lqd 131164.52cl
12US bbl lqd 143088.56cl
13US bbl lqd 155012.61cl
14US bbl lqd 166936.66cl
15US bbl lqd 178860.71cl
16US bbl lqd 190784.75cl
17US bbl lqd 202708.80cl
18US bbl lqd 214632.85cl
19US bbl lqd 226556.89cl
US Barrels (Liquid) Centiliters
20US bbl lqd 238480.94cl
21US bbl lqd 250404.99cl
22US bbl lqd 262329.04cl
23US bbl lqd 274253.08cl
24US bbl lqd 286177.13cl
25US bbl lqd 298101.18cl
26US bbl lqd 310025.22cl
27US bbl lqd 321949.27cl
28US bbl lqd 333873.32cl
29US bbl lqd 345797.36cl
30US bbl lqd 357721.41cl
31US bbl lqd 369645.46cl
32US bbl lqd 381569.51cl
33US bbl lqd 393493.55cl
34US bbl lqd 405417.60cl
35US bbl lqd 417341.65cl
36US bbl lqd 429265.69cl
37US bbl lqd 441189.74cl
38US bbl lqd 453113.79cl
39US bbl lqd 465037.84cl
US Barrels (Liquid) Centiliters
40US bbl lqd 476961.88cl
41US bbl lqd 488885.93cl
42US bbl lqd 500809.98cl
43US bbl lqd 512734.02cl
44US bbl lqd 524658.07cl
45US bbl lqd 536582.12cl
46US bbl lqd 548506.16cl
47US bbl lqd 560430.21cl
48US bbl lqd 572354.26cl
49US bbl lqd 584278.31cl
50US bbl lqd 596202.35cl
51US bbl lqd 608126.40cl
52US bbl lqd 620050.45cl
53US bbl lqd 631974.49cl
54US bbl lqd 643898.54cl
55US bbl lqd 655822.59cl
56US bbl lqd 667746.64cl
57US bbl lqd 679670.68cl
58US bbl lqd 691594.73cl
59US bbl lqd 703518.78cl
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