US Barrels (Federal) to UK Gallons

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Convert US Barrels (Federal) to UK Gallons

UK gal =
US bbl fed * 25.813
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US Barrels (Federal)

US measurement of volume for dry materials. See also US liquid barrels, US dry barrels, US oil barrels and UK barrels.


Convert US Barrels (Federal) to UK Gallons

UK gal =
US bbl fed * 25.813

UK Gallons

The imperial gallon is a unit for measuring a volume of liquid or the capacity of a container for storing liquid, not the mass of a liquid. Thus, a gallon of one liquid may have a different mass from a gallon of a different liquid.

An imperial gallon of liquid is defined as 4.54609 litres, and thus occupies a space equivalent to approximately 4,546 cubic centimetres (roughly a 16.5cm cube).

The U.S. liquid gallon and the U.S. dry gallon are different units defined by different means. The U.S. liquid gallon is defined as 231 cubic inches and equates to approximately 3.785 litres. One imperial gallon is equivalent to approximately 1.2 U.S. liquid gallons.

The U.S. dry gallon is a measurement historically applied to a volume of grain or other dry commodities. No longer commonly used, but most recently defined as 268.8025 cubic inches.


US Barrels (Federal) to UK Gallons table
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US Barrels (Federal) UK Gallons
0US bbl fed 0.00UK gal
1US bbl fed 25.81UK gal
2US bbl fed 51.63UK gal
3US bbl fed 77.44UK gal
4US bbl fed 103.25UK gal
5US bbl fed 129.06UK gal
6US bbl fed 154.88UK gal
7US bbl fed 180.69UK gal
8US bbl fed 206.50UK gal
9US bbl fed 232.32UK gal
10US bbl fed 258.13UK gal
11US bbl fed 283.94UK gal
12US bbl fed 309.75UK gal
13US bbl fed 335.57UK gal
14US bbl fed 361.38UK gal
15US bbl fed 387.19UK gal
16US bbl fed 413.01UK gal
17US bbl fed 438.82UK gal
18US bbl fed 464.63UK gal
19US bbl fed 490.45UK gal
US Barrels (Federal) UK Gallons
20US bbl fed 516.26UK gal
21US bbl fed 542.07UK gal
22US bbl fed 567.88UK gal
23US bbl fed 593.70UK gal
24US bbl fed 619.51UK gal
25US bbl fed 645.32UK gal
26US bbl fed 671.14UK gal
27US bbl fed 696.95UK gal
28US bbl fed 722.76UK gal
29US bbl fed 748.57UK gal
30US bbl fed 774.39UK gal
31US bbl fed 800.20UK gal
32US bbl fed 826.01UK gal
33US bbl fed 851.83UK gal
34US bbl fed 877.64UK gal
35US bbl fed 903.45UK gal
36US bbl fed 929.26UK gal
37US bbl fed 955.08UK gal
38US bbl fed 980.89UK gal
39US bbl fed 1006.70UK gal
US Barrels (Federal) UK Gallons
40US bbl fed 1032.52UK gal
41US bbl fed 1058.33UK gal
42US bbl fed 1084.14UK gal
43US bbl fed 1109.95UK gal
44US bbl fed 1135.77UK gal
45US bbl fed 1161.58UK gal
46US bbl fed 1187.39UK gal
47US bbl fed 1213.21UK gal
48US bbl fed 1239.02UK gal
49US bbl fed 1264.83UK gal
50US bbl fed 1290.64UK gal
51US bbl fed 1316.46UK gal
52US bbl fed 1342.27UK gal
53US bbl fed 1368.08UK gal
54US bbl fed 1393.90UK gal
55US bbl fed 1419.71UK gal
56US bbl fed 1445.52UK gal
57US bbl fed 1471.34UK gal
58US bbl fed 1497.15UK gal
59US bbl fed 1522.96UK gal
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