US Barrels (Federal) to Cubic Centimeters

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Convert US Barrels (Federal) to Cubic Centimeters

cm³ =
US bbl fed
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US Barrels (Federal)

US measurement of volume for dry materials. See also US liquid barrels, US dry barrels, US oil barrels and UK barrels.


Convert US Barrels (Federal) to Cubic Centimeters

cm³ =
US bbl fed

Cubic Centimeters

The volume equivelent to a cube of one centimeter by one centimeter by one centimeter. More often referred to as a Milliliter since it is a thousanth of a liter.


US Barrels (Federal) to Cubic Centimeters table
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US Barrels (Federal) Cubic Centimeters
0US bbl fed 0.00cm³
1US bbl fed 117347.77cm³
2US bbl fed 234695.53cm³
3US bbl fed 352043.30cm³
4US bbl fed 469391.06cm³
5US bbl fed 586738.83cm³
6US bbl fed 704086.59cm³
7US bbl fed 821434.36cm³
8US bbl fed 938782.12cm³
9US bbl fed 1056129.89cm³
10US bbl fed 1173477.65cm³
11US bbl fed 1290825.42cm³
12US bbl fed 1408173.19cm³
13US bbl fed 1525520.95cm³
14US bbl fed 1642868.72cm³
15US bbl fed 1760216.48cm³
16US bbl fed 1877564.25cm³
17US bbl fed 1994912.01cm³
18US bbl fed 2112259.78cm³
19US bbl fed 2229607.54cm³
US Barrels (Federal) Cubic Centimeters
20US bbl fed 2346955.31cm³
21US bbl fed 2464303.07cm³
22US bbl fed 2581650.84cm³
23US bbl fed 2698998.60cm³
24US bbl fed 2816346.37cm³
25US bbl fed 2933694.14cm³
26US bbl fed 3051041.90cm³
27US bbl fed 3168389.67cm³
28US bbl fed 3285737.43cm³
29US bbl fed 3403085.20cm³
30US bbl fed 3520432.96cm³
31US bbl fed 3637780.73cm³
32US bbl fed 3755128.49cm³
33US bbl fed 3872476.26cm³
34US bbl fed 3989824.02cm³
35US bbl fed 4107171.79cm³
36US bbl fed 4224519.56cm³
37US bbl fed 4341867.32cm³
38US bbl fed 4459215.09cm³
39US bbl fed 4576562.85cm³
US Barrels (Federal) Cubic Centimeters
40US bbl fed 4693910.62cm³
41US bbl fed 4811258.38cm³
42US bbl fed 4928606.15cm³
43US bbl fed 5045953.91cm³
44US bbl fed 5163301.68cm³
45US bbl fed 5280649.44cm³
46US bbl fed 5397997.21cm³
47US bbl fed 5515344.97cm³
48US bbl fed 5632692.74cm³
49US bbl fed 5750040.51cm³
50US bbl fed 5867388.27cm³
51US bbl fed 5984736.04cm³
52US bbl fed 6102083.80cm³
53US bbl fed 6219431.57cm³
54US bbl fed 6336779.33cm³
55US bbl fed 6454127.10cm³
56US bbl fed 6571474.86cm³
57US bbl fed 6688822.63cm³
58US bbl fed 6806170.39cm³
59US bbl fed 6923518.16cm³
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