US Pints (Dry) to Cubic Inches

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US Pints (Dry) to Cubic Inches formula

in³ =
US pt dry * 33.600
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US Pints (Dry)

A US capacity measure (for liquid) equal to 0.55 liters. Note also there are different measures of US liquid pints and UK pints.


US Pints (Dry) to Cubic Inches formula

in³ =
US pt dry * 33.600

Cubic Inches

A unit of measurement for volume. It represents an area one inch long, by one inch wide, by one inch deep.


US Pints (Dry) to Cubic Inches table

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US Pints (Dry) Cubic Inches
0US pt dry 0.00in³
1US pt dry 33.60in³
2US pt dry 67.20in³
3US pt dry 100.80in³
4US pt dry 134.40in³
5US pt dry 168.00in³
6US pt dry 201.60in³
7US pt dry 235.20in³
8US pt dry 268.80in³
9US pt dry 302.40in³
10US pt dry 336.00in³
11US pt dry 369.60in³
12US pt dry 403.20in³
13US pt dry 436.80in³
14US pt dry 470.40in³
15US pt dry 504.00in³
16US pt dry 537.61in³
17US pt dry 571.21in³
18US pt dry 604.81in³
19US pt dry 638.41in³
US Pints (Dry) Cubic Inches
20US pt dry 672.01in³
21US pt dry 705.61in³
22US pt dry 739.21in³
23US pt dry 772.81in³
24US pt dry 806.41in³
25US pt dry 840.01in³
26US pt dry 873.61in³
27US pt dry 907.21in³
28US pt dry 940.81in³
29US pt dry 974.41in³
30US pt dry 1008.01in³
31US pt dry 1041.61in³
32US pt dry 1075.21in³
33US pt dry 1108.81in³
34US pt dry 1142.41in³
35US pt dry 1176.01in³
36US pt dry 1209.61in³
37US pt dry 1243.21in³
38US pt dry 1276.81in³
39US pt dry 1310.41in³
US Pints (Dry) Cubic Inches
40US pt dry 1344.01in³
41US pt dry 1377.61in³
42US pt dry 1411.21in³
43US pt dry 1444.81in³
44US pt dry 1478.41in³
45US pt dry 1512.01in³
46US pt dry 1545.61in³
47US pt dry 1579.21in³
48US pt dry 1612.82in³
49US pt dry 1646.42in³
50US pt dry 1680.02in³
51US pt dry 1713.62in³
52US pt dry 1747.22in³
53US pt dry 1780.82in³
54US pt dry 1814.42in³
55US pt dry 1848.02in³
56US pt dry 1881.62in³
57US pt dry 1915.22in³
58US pt dry 1948.82in³
59US pt dry 1982.42in³