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Convert Gills (UK) to Microliter

µl =
UK gill
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Gills (UK)

A British Imperial unit of measurement equal to a quarter of a (UK) pint


Convert Gills (UK) to Microliter

µl =
UK gill


The volume equivelent to a cube of one millimeter by one millimeter by one millimeter. A millionth of a liter.


Gills (UK) to Microliter table
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Gills (UK) Microliter
0UK gill 0.00µl
1UK gill 142065.31µl
2UK gill 284130.63µl
3UK gill 426195.94µl
4UK gill 568261.25µl
5UK gill 710326.57µl
6UK gill 852391.88µl
7UK gill 994457.19µl
8UK gill 1136522.51µl
9UK gill 1278587.82µl
10UK gill 1420653.13µl
11UK gill 1562718.45µl
12UK gill 1704783.76µl
13UK gill 1846849.07µl
14UK gill 1988914.39µl
15UK gill 2130979.70µl
16UK gill 2273045.01µl
17UK gill 2415110.33µl
18UK gill 2557175.64µl
19UK gill 2699240.95µl
Gills (UK) Microliter
20UK gill 2841306.27µl
21UK gill 2983371.58µl
22UK gill 3125436.90µl
23UK gill 3267502.21µl
24UK gill 3409567.52µl
25UK gill 3551632.84µl
26UK gill 3693698.15µl
27UK gill 3835763.46µl
28UK gill 3977828.78µl
29UK gill 4119894.09µl
30UK gill 4261959.40µl
31UK gill 4404024.72µl
32UK gill 4546090.03µl
33UK gill 4688155.34µl
34UK gill 4830220.66µl
35UK gill 4972285.97µl
36UK gill 5114351.28µl
37UK gill 5256416.60µl
38UK gill 5398481.91µl
39UK gill 5540547.22µl
Gills (UK) Microliter
40UK gill 5682612.54µl
41UK gill 5824677.85µl
42UK gill 5966743.16µl
43UK gill 6108808.48µl
44UK gill 6250873.79µl
45UK gill 6392939.10µl
46UK gill 6535004.42µl
47UK gill 6677069.73µl
48UK gill 6819135.04µl
49UK gill 6961200.36µl
50UK gill 7103265.67µl
51UK gill 7245330.98µl
52UK gill 7387396.30µl
53UK gill 7529461.61µl
54UK gill 7671526.92µl
55UK gill 7813592.24µl
56UK gill 7955657.55µl
57UK gill 8097722.86µl
58UK gill 8239788.18µl
59UK gill 8381853.49µl
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