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UK Barrels to Liters formula

L =
UK bbl
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UK Barrels

UK A British imperial measurement for both Liquid and Dry material


UK Barrels to Liters formula

L =
UK bbl


Basic unit of volume in the metric system. A liter of water weighs one kilogram.


UK Barrels to Liters table

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UK Barrels Liters
0UK bbl 0.00L
1UK bbl 163.66L
2UK bbl 327.32L
3UK bbl 490.98L
4UK bbl 654.64L
5UK bbl 818.30L
6UK bbl 981.96L
7UK bbl 1145.61L
8UK bbl 1309.27L
9UK bbl 1472.93L
10UK bbl 1636.59L
11UK bbl 1800.25L
12UK bbl 1963.91L
13UK bbl 2127.57L
14UK bbl 2291.23L
15UK bbl 2454.89L
16UK bbl 2618.55L
17UK bbl 2782.21L
18UK bbl 2945.87L
19UK bbl 3109.53L
UK Barrels Liters
20UK bbl 3273.18L
21UK bbl 3436.84L
22UK bbl 3600.50L
23UK bbl 3764.16L
24UK bbl 3927.82L
25UK bbl 4091.48L
26UK bbl 4255.14L
27UK bbl 4418.80L
28UK bbl 4582.46L
29UK bbl 4746.12L
30UK bbl 4909.78L
31UK bbl 5073.44L
32UK bbl 5237.10L
33UK bbl 5400.75L
34UK bbl 5564.41L
35UK bbl 5728.07L
36UK bbl 5891.73L
37UK bbl 6055.39L
38UK bbl 6219.05L
39UK bbl 6382.71L
UK Barrels Liters
40UK bbl 6546.37L
41UK bbl 6710.03L
42UK bbl 6873.69L
43UK bbl 7037.35L
44UK bbl 7201.01L
45UK bbl 7364.67L
46UK bbl 7528.33L
47UK bbl 7691.98L
48UK bbl 7855.64L
49UK bbl 8019.30L
50UK bbl 8182.96L
51UK bbl 8346.62L
52UK bbl 8510.28L
53UK bbl 8673.94L
54UK bbl 8837.60L
55UK bbl 9001.26L
56UK bbl 9164.92L
57UK bbl 9328.58L
58UK bbl 9492.24L
59UK bbl 9655.90L