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Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters (Swap Units)


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Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet formula

ft³ =
m³ * 35.315
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Cubic Meters

A metric unit of volume, commonly used in expressing concentrations of a chemical in a volume of air. One cubic meter equals 35.3 cubic feet or 1.3 cubic yards. One cubic meter also equals 1000 liters or one million cubic centimeters.


Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet formula

ft³ =
m³ * 35.315

Cubic Feet

The cubic foot is a unit of volume used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems.

The cubic foot can be used to describe a volume of a given material, or the capacity of a container to hold such a material.


Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet table

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Cubic Meters Cubic Feet
0 0.00ft³
1 35.31ft³
2 70.63ft³
3 105.94ft³
4 141.26ft³
5 176.57ft³
6 211.89ft³
7 247.20ft³
8 282.52ft³
9 317.83ft³
10 353.15ft³
11 388.46ft³
12 423.78ft³
13 459.09ft³
14 494.41ft³
15 529.72ft³
16 565.03ft³
17 600.35ft³
18 635.66ft³
19 670.98ft³
Cubic Meters Cubic Feet
20 706.29ft³
21 741.61ft³
22 776.92ft³
23 812.24ft³
24 847.55ft³
25 882.87ft³
26 918.18ft³
27 953.50ft³
28 988.81ft³
29 1024.13ft³
30 1059.44ft³
31 1094.75ft³
32 1130.07ft³
33 1165.38ft³
34 1200.70ft³
35 1236.01ft³
36 1271.33ft³
37 1306.64ft³
38 1341.96ft³
39 1377.27ft³
Cubic Meters Cubic Feet
40 1412.59ft³
41 1447.90ft³
42 1483.22ft³
43 1518.53ft³
44 1553.85ft³
45 1589.16ft³
46 1624.47ft³
47 1659.79ft³
48 1695.10ft³
49 1730.42ft³
50 1765.73ft³
51 1801.05ft³
52 1836.36ft³
53 1871.68ft³
54 1906.99ft³
55 1942.31ft³
56 1977.62ft³
57 2012.94ft³
58 2048.25ft³
59 2083.57ft³
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