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Cubic Feet to US Teaspoons formula

US tsp =
ft³ * 5745.0
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Cubic Feet

A cubic measurement is the three-dimensional derivative of a linear measure, so a cubic foot is defined as the volume of a cube with sides 1 ft in length.

In metric terms a cubic foot is a cube with sides 0.3048 metres in length. One cubic foot is the equivalent to approximately 0.02831685 cubic metres, or 28.3169 litres.


Cubic Feet to US Teaspoons formula

US tsp =
ft³ * 5745.0


Cubic Feet to US Teaspoons table

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Cubic Feet US Teaspoons
0ft³ 0.00US tsp
1ft³ 5745.04US tsp
2ft³ 11490.08US tsp
3ft³ 17235.12US tsp
4ft³ 22980.16US tsp
5ft³ 28725.20US tsp
6ft³ 34470.23US tsp
7ft³ 40215.27US tsp
8ft³ 45960.31US tsp
9ft³ 51705.35US tsp
10ft³ 57450.39US tsp
11ft³ 63195.43US tsp
12ft³ 68940.47US tsp
13ft³ 74685.51US tsp
14ft³ 80430.55US tsp
15ft³ 86175.59US tsp
16ft³ 91920.62US tsp
17ft³ 97665.66US tsp
18ft³ 103410.70US tsp
19ft³ 109155.74US tsp
Cubic Feet US Teaspoons
20ft³ 114900.78US tsp
21ft³ 120645.82US tsp
22ft³ 126390.86US tsp
23ft³ 132135.90US tsp
24ft³ 137880.94US tsp
25ft³ 143625.98US tsp
26ft³ 149371.01US tsp
27ft³ 155116.05US tsp
28ft³ 160861.09US tsp
29ft³ 166606.13US tsp
30ft³ 172351.17US tsp
31ft³ 178096.21US tsp
32ft³ 183841.25US tsp
33ft³ 189586.29US tsp
34ft³ 195331.33US tsp
35ft³ 201076.37US tsp
36ft³ 206821.40US tsp
37ft³ 212566.44US tsp
38ft³ 218311.48US tsp
39ft³ 224056.52US tsp
Cubic Feet US Teaspoons
40ft³ 229801.56US tsp
41ft³ 235546.60US tsp
42ft³ 241291.64US tsp
43ft³ 247036.68US tsp
44ft³ 252781.72US tsp
45ft³ 258526.76US tsp
46ft³ 264271.80US tsp
47ft³ 270016.83US tsp
48ft³ 275761.87US tsp
49ft³ 281506.91US tsp
50ft³ 287251.95US tsp
51ft³ 292996.99US tsp
52ft³ 298742.03US tsp
53ft³ 304487.07US tsp
54ft³ 310232.11US tsp
55ft³ 315977.15US tsp
56ft³ 321722.19US tsp
57ft³ 327467.22US tsp
58ft³ 333212.26US tsp
59ft³ 338957.30US tsp