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Réaumur to Rømer formula

°Rø =
ºRé * 0.65625
+ 7.50
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The Réaumur scale also known as the "octogesimal division", is a temperature scale in which the freezing and boiling points of water are set to 0 and 80 degrees respectively. The scale is named after René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur, who first proposed something similar in 1730.


Réaumur to Rømer formula

°Rø =
ºRé * 0.65625
+ 7.50


Rømer is a temperature scale named after the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer, who proposed it in 1701. In this scale, the zero was initially set using freezing brine. The boiling point of water was defined as 60 degrees. Rømer then saw that the freezing point of pure water was roughly one eighth of the way (about 7.5 degrees) between these two points, so he redefined the lower fixed point to be the freezing point of water at precisely 7.5 degrees. The inventor of the Fahrenheit scale Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit learned of Rømer's work increasing the number of divisions by a factor of four and establishing what is now known as the Fahrenheit scale.


Réaumur to Rømer table

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Réaumur Rømer
0ºRé 7.50°Rø
1ºRé 8.16°Rø
2ºRé 8.81°Rø
3ºRé 9.47°Rø
4ºRé 10.12°Rø
5ºRé 10.78°Rø
6ºRé 11.44°Rø
7ºRé 12.09°Rø
8ºRé 12.75°Rø
9ºRé 13.41°Rø
10ºRé 14.06°Rø
11ºRé 14.72°Rø
12ºRé 15.38°Rø
13ºRé 16.03°Rø
14ºRé 16.69°Rø
15ºRé 17.34°Rø
16ºRé 18.00°Rø
17ºRé 18.66°Rø
18ºRé 19.31°Rø
19ºRé 19.97°Rø
Réaumur Rømer
20ºRé 20.62°Rø
21ºRé 21.28°Rø
22ºRé 21.94°Rø
23ºRé 22.59°Rø
24ºRé 23.25°Rø
25ºRé 23.91°Rø
26ºRé 24.56°Rø
27ºRé 25.22°Rø
28ºRé 25.88°Rø
29ºRé 26.53°Rø
30ºRé 27.19°Rø
31ºRé 27.84°Rø
32ºRé 28.50°Rø
33ºRé 29.16°Rø
34ºRé 29.81°Rø
35ºRé 30.47°Rø
36ºRé 31.12°Rø
37ºRé 31.78°Rø
38ºRé 32.44°Rø
39ºRé 33.09°Rø
Réaumur Rømer
40ºRé 33.75°Rø
41ºRé 34.41°Rø
42ºRé 35.06°Rø
43ºRé 35.72°Rø
44ºRé 36.38°Rø
45ºRé 37.03°Rø
46ºRé 37.69°Rø
47ºRé 38.34°Rø
48ºRé 39.00°Rø
49ºRé 39.66°Rø
50ºRé 40.31°Rø
51ºRé 40.97°Rø
52ºRé 41.62°Rø
53ºRé 42.28°Rø
54ºRé 42.94°Rø
55ºRé 43.59°Rø
56ºRé 44.25°Rø
57ºRé 44.91°Rø
58ºRé 45.56°Rø
59ºRé 46.22°Rø
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