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Mach is a speed measurement based on the speed of sound. Since sound travels at different speeds in different conditions, the calculations here are given for 20°C in dry air at sea level. Mach is typically used in aviation and space exploration.


Mach to Inches per second formula


Mach to Inches per second table

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Mach Inches per second
0Mach 0.00in/s
1Mach 13397.24in/s
2Mach 26794.49in/s
3Mach 40191.73in/s
4Mach 53588.98in/s
5Mach 66986.22in/s
6Mach 80383.47in/s
7Mach 93780.71in/s
8Mach 107177.95in/s
9Mach 120575.20in/s
10Mach 133972.44in/s
11Mach 147369.69in/s
12Mach 160766.93in/s
13Mach 174164.17in/s
14Mach 187561.42in/s
15Mach 200958.66in/s
16Mach 214355.91in/s
17Mach 227753.15in/s
18Mach 241150.40in/s
19Mach 254547.64in/s
Mach Inches per second
20Mach 267944.88in/s
21Mach 281342.13in/s
22Mach 294739.37in/s
23Mach 308136.62in/s
24Mach 321533.86in/s
25Mach 334931.10in/s
26Mach 348328.35in/s
27Mach 361725.59in/s
28Mach 375122.84in/s
29Mach 388520.08in/s
30Mach 401917.33in/s
31Mach 415314.57in/s
32Mach 428711.81in/s
33Mach 442109.06in/s
34Mach 455506.30in/s
35Mach 468903.55in/s
36Mach 482300.79in/s
37Mach 495698.03in/s
38Mach 509095.28in/s
39Mach 522492.52in/s
Mach Inches per second
40Mach 535889.77in/s
41Mach 549287.01in/s
42Mach 562684.26in/s
43Mach 576081.50in/s
44Mach 589478.74in/s
45Mach 602875.99in/s
46Mach 616273.23in/s
47Mach 629670.48in/s
48Mach 643067.72in/s
49Mach 656464.96in/s
50Mach 669862.21in/s
51Mach 683259.45in/s
52Mach 696656.70in/s
53Mach 710053.94in/s
54Mach 723451.19in/s
55Mach 736848.43in/s
56Mach 750245.67in/s
57Mach 763642.92in/s
58Mach 777040.16in/s
59Mach 790437.41in/s