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Mach is a speed measurement based on the speed of sound. Since sound travels at different speeds in different conditions, the calculations here are given for 20°C in dry air at sea level. Mach is typically used in aviation and space exploration.


Convert Mach to Feet per hour


Mach to Feet per hour table
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Mach Feet per hour
0Mach 0.00ft/h
1Mach 4019173.23ft/h
2Mach 8038346.47ft/h
3Mach 12057519.70ft/h
4Mach 16076692.94ft/h
5Mach 20095866.17ft/h
6Mach 24115039.41ft/h
7Mach 28134212.64ft/h
8Mach 32153385.88ft/h
9Mach 36172559.11ft/h
10Mach 40191732.34ft/h
11Mach 44210905.58ft/h
12Mach 48230078.81ft/h
13Mach 52249252.05ft/h
14Mach 56268425.28ft/h
15Mach 60287598.52ft/h
16Mach 64306771.75ft/h
17Mach 68325944.99ft/h
18Mach 72345118.22ft/h
19Mach 76364291.45ft/h
Mach Feet per hour
20Mach 80383464.69ft/h
21Mach 84402637.92ft/h
22Mach 88421811.16ft/h
23Mach 92440984.39ft/h
24Mach 96460157.63ft/h
25Mach 100479330.86ft/h
26Mach 104498504.10ft/h
27Mach 108517677.33ft/h
28Mach 112536850.56ft/h
29Mach 116556023.80ft/h
30Mach 120575197.03ft/h
31Mach 124594370.27ft/h
32Mach 128613543.50ft/h
33Mach 132632716.74ft/h
34Mach 136651889.97ft/h
35Mach 140671063.21ft/h
36Mach 144690236.44ft/h
37Mach 148709409.67ft/h
38Mach 152728582.91ft/h
39Mach 156747756.14ft/h
Mach Feet per hour
40Mach 160766929.38ft/h
41Mach 164786102.61ft/h
42Mach 168805275.85ft/h
43Mach 172824449.08ft/h
44Mach 176843622.32ft/h
45Mach 180862795.55ft/h
46Mach 184881968.78ft/h
47Mach 188901142.02ft/h
48Mach 192920315.25ft/h
49Mach 196939488.49ft/h
50Mach 200958661.72ft/h
51Mach 204977834.96ft/h
52Mach 208997008.19ft/h
53Mach 213016181.43ft/h
54Mach 217035354.66ft/h
55Mach 221054527.90ft/h
56Mach 225073701.13ft/h
57Mach 229092874.36ft/h
58Mach 233112047.60ft/h
59Mach 237131220.83ft/h
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