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Light speed to Knots formula

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Light speed to Knots formula


Knots are a speed measurement that is nautical miles per hour. This unit is typically used in maritime and aviation. There have historically been different nautical miles used and, thus, different variations of knots. However, we have based our knots calculator on the international nautical mile which is commonly used thoughout the world today.


Light speed to Knots table

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Light speed Knots
0c 0.00knots
1c 582749914.63knots
2c 1165499829.26knots
3c 1748249743.89knots
4c 2330999658.52knots
5c 2913749573.14knots
6c 3496499487.77knots
7c 4079249402.40knots
8c 4661999317.03knots
9c 5244749231.66knots
10c 5827499146.29knots
11c 6410249060.92knots
12c 6992998975.55knots
13c 7575748890.18knots
14c 8158498804.81knots
15c 8741248719.43knots
16c 9323998634.06knots
17c 9906748548.69knots
18c 10489498463.32knots
19c 11072248377.95knots
Light speed Knots
20c 11654998292.58knots
21c 12237748207.21knots
22c 12820498121.84knots
23c 13403248036.47knots
24c 13985997951.09knots
25c 14568747865.72knots
26c 15151497780.35knots
27c 15734247694.98knots
28c 16316997609.61knots
29c 16899747524.24knots
30c 17482497438.87knots
31c 18065247353.50knots
32c 18647997268.13knots
33c 19230747182.75knots
34c 19813497097.38knots
35c 20396247012.01knots
36c 20978996926.64knots
37c 21561746841.27knots
38c 22144496755.90knots
39c 22727246670.53knots
Light speed Knots
40c 23309996585.16knots
41c 23892746499.79knots
42c 24475496414.42knots
43c 25058246329.04knots
44c 25640996243.67knots
45c 26223746158.30knots
46c 26806496072.93knots
47c 27389245987.56knots
48c 27971995902.19knots
49c 28554745816.82knots
50c 29137495731.45knots
51c 29720245646.08knots
52c 30302995560.70knots
53c 30885745475.33knots
54c 31468495389.96knots
55c 32051245304.59knots
56c 32633995219.22knots
57c 33216745133.85knots
58c 33799495048.48knots
59c 34382244963.11knots