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Knots Yards per day
0knots 0.00yd/day
1knots 48608.92yd/day
2knots 97217.85yd/day
3knots 145826.77yd/day
4knots 194435.70yd/day
5knots 243044.62yd/day
6knots 291653.55yd/day
7knots 340262.47yd/day
8knots 388871.39yd/day
9knots 437480.32yd/day
10knots 486089.24yd/day
11knots 534698.17yd/day
12knots 583307.09yd/day
13knots 631916.02yd/day
14knots 680524.94yd/day
15knots 729133.86yd/day
16knots 777742.79yd/day
17knots 826351.71yd/day
18knots 874960.64yd/day
19knots 923569.56yd/day
Knots Yards per day
20knots 972178.49yd/day
21knots 1020787.41yd/day
22knots 1069396.33yd/day
23knots 1118005.26yd/day
24knots 1166614.18yd/day
25knots 1215223.11yd/day
26knots 1263832.03yd/day
27knots 1312440.96yd/day
28knots 1361049.88yd/day
29knots 1409658.80yd/day
30knots 1458267.73yd/day
31knots 1506876.65yd/day
32knots 1555485.58yd/day
33knots 1604094.50yd/day
34knots 1652703.43yd/day
35knots 1701312.35yd/day
36knots 1749921.27yd/day
37knots 1798530.20yd/day
38knots 1847139.12yd/day
39knots 1895748.05yd/day
Knots Yards per day
40knots 1944356.97yd/day
41knots 1992965.90yd/day
42knots 2041574.82yd/day
43knots 2090183.74yd/day
44knots 2138792.67yd/day
45knots 2187401.59yd/day
46knots 2236010.52yd/day
47knots 2284619.44yd/day
48knots 2333228.36yd/day
49knots 2381837.29yd/day
50knots 2430446.21yd/day
51knots 2479055.14yd/day
52knots 2527664.06yd/day
53knots 2576272.99yd/day
54knots 2624881.91yd/day
55knots 2673490.83yd/day
56knots 2722099.76yd/day
57knots 2770708.68yd/day
58knots 2819317.61yd/day
59knots 2867926.53yd/day
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