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Knots Inches per day
0knots 0.00in/day
1knots 1749921.28in/day
2knots 3499842.57in/day
3knots 5249763.85in/day
4knots 6999685.13in/day
5knots 8749606.41in/day
6knots 10499527.70in/day
7knots 12249448.98in/day
8knots 13999370.26in/day
9knots 15749291.54in/day
10knots 17499212.83in/day
11knots 19249134.11in/day
12knots 20999055.39in/day
13knots 22748976.67in/day
14knots 24498897.96in/day
15knots 26248819.24in/day
16knots 27998740.52in/day
17knots 29748661.80in/day
18knots 31498583.09in/day
19knots 33248504.37in/day
Knots Inches per day
20knots 34998425.65in/day
21knots 36748346.93in/day
22knots 38498268.22in/day
23knots 40248189.50in/day
24knots 41998110.78in/day
25knots 43748032.06in/day
26knots 45497953.35in/day
27knots 47247874.63in/day
28knots 48997795.91in/day
29knots 50747717.20in/day
30knots 52497638.48in/day
31knots 54247559.76in/day
32knots 55997481.04in/day
33knots 57747402.33in/day
34knots 59497323.61in/day
35knots 61247244.89in/day
36knots 62997166.17in/day
37knots 64747087.46in/day
38knots 66497008.74in/day
39knots 68246930.02in/day
Knots Inches per day
40knots 69996851.30in/day
41knots 71746772.59in/day
42knots 73496693.87in/day
43knots 75246615.15in/day
44knots 76996536.43in/day
45knots 78746457.72in/day
46knots 80496379.00in/day
47knots 82246300.28in/day
48knots 83996221.56in/day
49knots 85746142.85in/day
50knots 87496064.13in/day
51knots 89245985.41in/day
52knots 90995906.69in/day
53knots 92745827.98in/day
54knots 94495749.26in/day
55knots 96245670.54in/day
56knots 97995591.83in/day
57knots 99745513.11in/day
58knots 101495434.39in/day
59knots 103245355.67in/day
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