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Inches of Mercury to Pascals formula

Pa =
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Inches of Mercury

1 inch of mercury is the pressure exerted by a 1 inch high column of mercury at 0 °C (32 °F )


Inches of Mercury to Pascals formula

Pa =


1 Pascal = 1 N/m2 or 1 Kg / m.s2


Inches of Mercury to Pascals table

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Inches of Mercury Pascals
0inHg 0.00Pa
1inHg 3386.39Pa
2inHg 6772.78Pa
3inHg 10159.17Pa
4inHg 13545.55Pa
5inHg 16931.94Pa
6inHg 20318.33Pa
7inHg 23704.72Pa
8inHg 27091.11Pa
9inHg 30477.50Pa
10inHg 33863.89Pa
11inHg 37250.28Pa
12inHg 40636.66Pa
13inHg 44023.05Pa
14inHg 47409.44Pa
15inHg 50795.83Pa
16inHg 54182.22Pa
17inHg 57568.61Pa
18inHg 60955.00Pa
19inHg 64341.38Pa
Inches of Mercury Pascals
20inHg 67727.77Pa
21inHg 71114.16Pa
22inHg 74500.55Pa
23inHg 77886.94Pa
24inHg 81273.33Pa
25inHg 84659.72Pa
26inHg 88046.11Pa
27inHg 91432.49Pa
28inHg 94818.88Pa
29inHg 98205.27Pa
30inHg 101591.66Pa
31inHg 104978.05Pa
32inHg 108364.44Pa
33inHg 111750.83Pa
34inHg 115137.21Pa
35inHg 118523.60Pa
36inHg 121909.99Pa
37inHg 125296.38Pa
38inHg 128682.77Pa
39inHg 132069.16Pa
Inches of Mercury Pascals
40inHg 135455.55Pa
41inHg 138841.94Pa
42inHg 142228.32Pa
43inHg 145614.71Pa
44inHg 149001.10Pa
45inHg 152387.49Pa
46inHg 155773.88Pa
47inHg 159160.27Pa
48inHg 162546.66Pa
49inHg 165933.05Pa
50inHg 169319.43Pa
51inHg 172705.82Pa
52inHg 176092.21Pa
53inHg 179478.60Pa
54inHg 182864.99Pa
55inHg 186251.38Pa
56inHg 189637.77Pa
57inHg 193024.15Pa
58inHg 196410.54Pa
59inHg 199796.93Pa