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Atmospheres to Pascals formula

Pa =
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1 atmosphere is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere acting on 1 square centimeter and is defined as being equal to 101325 Pa


Atmospheres to Pascals formula

Pa =


1 Pascal = 1 N/m2 or 1 Kg / m.s2


Atmospheres to Pascals table

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Atmospheres Pascals
0atm 0.00Pa
1atm 101325.00Pa
2atm 202650.00Pa
3atm 303975.00Pa
4atm 405300.00Pa
5atm 506625.00Pa
6atm 607950.00Pa
7atm 709275.00Pa
8atm 810600.00Pa
9atm 911925.00Pa
10atm 1013250.00Pa
11atm 1114575.00Pa
12atm 1215900.00Pa
13atm 1317225.00Pa
14atm 1418550.00Pa
15atm 1519874.99Pa
16atm 1621199.99Pa
17atm 1722524.99Pa
18atm 1823849.99Pa
19atm 1925174.99Pa
Atmospheres Pascals
20atm 2026499.99Pa
21atm 2127824.99Pa
22atm 2229149.99Pa
23atm 2330474.99Pa
24atm 2431799.99Pa
25atm 2533124.99Pa
26atm 2634449.99Pa
27atm 2735774.99Pa
28atm 2837099.99Pa
29atm 2938424.99Pa
30atm 3039749.99Pa
31atm 3141074.99Pa
32atm 3242399.99Pa
33atm 3343724.99Pa
34atm 3445049.99Pa
35atm 3546374.99Pa
36atm 3647699.99Pa
37atm 3749024.99Pa
38atm 3850349.99Pa
39atm 3951674.99Pa
Atmospheres Pascals
40atm 4052999.99Pa
41atm 4154324.99Pa
42atm 4255649.99Pa
43atm 4356974.99Pa
44atm 4458299.99Pa
45atm 4559624.98Pa
46atm 4660949.98Pa
47atm 4762274.98Pa
48atm 4863599.98Pa
49atm 4964924.98Pa
50atm 5066249.98Pa
51atm 5167574.98Pa
52atm 5268899.98Pa
53atm 5370224.98Pa
54atm 5471549.98Pa
55atm 5572874.98Pa
56atm 5674199.98Pa
57atm 5775524.98Pa
58atm 5876849.98Pa
59atm 5978174.98Pa