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Atmospheres to Millibar formula

mbar =
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1 atmosphere is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere acting on 1 square centimeter and is defined as being equal to 101325 Pa


Atmospheres to Millibar formula

mbar =


1 Millibar is 1/1000th of a bar, or 100 Pascals


Atmospheres to Millibar table

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Atmospheres Millibar
0atm 0.00mbar
1atm 1013.25mbar
2atm 2026.50mbar
3atm 3039.75mbar
4atm 4053.00mbar
5atm 5066.25mbar
6atm 6079.50mbar
7atm 7092.75mbar
8atm 8106.00mbar
9atm 9119.25mbar
10atm 10132.50mbar
11atm 11145.75mbar
12atm 12159.00mbar
13atm 13172.25mbar
14atm 14185.50mbar
15atm 15198.75mbar
16atm 16212.00mbar
17atm 17225.25mbar
18atm 18238.50mbar
19atm 19251.75mbar
Atmospheres Millibar
20atm 20265.00mbar
21atm 21278.25mbar
22atm 22291.50mbar
23atm 23304.75mbar
24atm 24318.00mbar
25atm 25331.25mbar
26atm 26344.50mbar
27atm 27357.75mbar
28atm 28371.00mbar
29atm 29384.25mbar
30atm 30397.50mbar
31atm 31410.75mbar
32atm 32424.00mbar
33atm 33437.25mbar
34atm 34450.50mbar
35atm 35463.75mbar
36atm 36477.00mbar
37atm 37490.25mbar
38atm 38503.50mbar
39atm 39516.75mbar
Atmospheres Millibar
40atm 40530.00mbar
41atm 41543.25mbar
42atm 42556.50mbar
43atm 43569.75mbar
44atm 44583.00mbar
45atm 45596.25mbar
46atm 46609.50mbar
47atm 47622.75mbar
48atm 48636.00mbar
49atm 49649.25mbar
50atm 50662.50mbar
51atm 51675.75mbar
52atm 52689.00mbar
53atm 53702.25mbar
54atm 54715.50mbar
55atm 55728.75mbar
56atm 56742.00mbar
57atm 57755.25mbar
58atm 58768.50mbar
59atm 59781.75mbar