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Convert UK Nautical Miles to Millimeters

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UK nmi
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UK Nautical Miles

Nautical miles measure distance. 1 nautical mile is the angular distance of 1 minute of arc on the earth's surface. As these differ slightly (6108' at pole c.f. 6046' at equator) 6080 was adopted (this being it's approximate value in the English Channel). The International nautical mile is 1852 metres, so is very slightly different from the UK nautical mile.


Convert UK Nautical Miles to Millimeters

mm =
UK nmi


The millimetre is a unit of length in the metric system, equivalent to one thousandth of a metre (the SI base unit of length).

One meter was defined in 1983 by the 17th conference of weights and measures as “the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second” and the millimetre by definition is derived as being 1/1000th of that value.


UK Nautical Miles to Millimeters table
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UK Nautical Miles Millimeters
0UK nmi 0.00mm
1UK nmi 1853184.02mm
2UK nmi 3706368.03mm
3UK nmi 5559552.05mm
4UK nmi 7412736.07mm
5UK nmi 9265920.08mm
6UK nmi 11119104.10mm
7UK nmi 12972288.12mm
8UK nmi 14825472.13mm
9UK nmi 16678656.15mm
10UK nmi 18531840.17mm
11UK nmi 20385024.18mm
12UK nmi 22238208.20mm
13UK nmi 24091392.22mm
14UK nmi 25944576.23mm
15UK nmi 27797760.25mm
16UK nmi 29650944.27mm
17UK nmi 31504128.28mm
18UK nmi 33357312.30mm
19UK nmi 35210496.32mm
UK Nautical Miles Millimeters
20UK nmi 37063680.33mm
21UK nmi 38916864.35mm
22UK nmi 40770048.37mm
23UK nmi 42623232.38mm
24UK nmi 44476416.40mm
25UK nmi 46329600.42mm
26UK nmi 48182784.43mm
27UK nmi 50035968.45mm
28UK nmi 51889152.47mm
29UK nmi 53742336.48mm
30UK nmi 55595520.50mm
31UK nmi 57448704.52mm
32UK nmi 59301888.53mm
33UK nmi 61155072.55mm
34UK nmi 63008256.56mm
35UK nmi 64861440.58mm
36UK nmi 66714624.60mm
37UK nmi 68567808.61mm
38UK nmi 70420992.63mm
39UK nmi 72274176.65mm
UK Nautical Miles Millimeters
40UK nmi 74127360.66mm
41UK nmi 75980544.68mm
42UK nmi 77833728.70mm
43UK nmi 79686912.71mm
44UK nmi 81540096.73mm
45UK nmi 83393280.75mm
46UK nmi 85246464.76mm
47UK nmi 87099648.78mm
48UK nmi 88952832.80mm
49UK nmi 90806016.81mm
50UK nmi 92659200.83mm
51UK nmi 94512384.85mm
52UK nmi 96365568.86mm
53UK nmi 98218752.88mm
54UK nmi 100071936.90mm
55UK nmi 101925120.91mm
56UK nmi 103778304.93mm
57UK nmi 105631488.95mm
58UK nmi 107484672.96mm
59UK nmi 109337856.98mm
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