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Convert UK Nautical Miles to Microinches

µin =
UK nmi * 72960000000
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UK Nautical Miles

Nautical miles measure distance. 1 nautical mile is the angular distance of 1 minute of arc on the earth's surface. As these differ slightly (6108' at pole c.f. 6046' at equator) 6080 was adopted (this being it's approximate value in the English Channel). The International nautical mile is 1852 metres, so is very slightly different from the UK nautical mile.


Convert UK Nautical Miles to Microinches

µin =
UK nmi * 72960000000


One million micro inches make up an inch.


UK Nautical Miles to Microinches table
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UK Nautical Miles Microinches
0UK nmi 0.00µin
1UK nmi 72960001135.63µin
2UK nmi 145920002271.26µin
3UK nmi 218880003406.89µin
4UK nmi 291840004542.52µin
5UK nmi 364800005678.16µin
6UK nmi 437760006813.79µin
7UK nmi 510720007949.42µin
8UK nmi 583680009085.05µin
9UK nmi 656640010220.68µin
10UK nmi 729600011356.31µin
11UK nmi 802560012491.94µin
12UK nmi 875520013627.57µin
13UK nmi 948480014763.21µin
14UK nmi 1021440015898.84µin
15UK nmi 1094400017034.47µin
16UK nmi 1167360018170.10µin
17UK nmi 1240320019305.73µin
18UK nmi 1313280020441.36µin
19UK nmi 1386240021576.99µin
UK Nautical Miles Microinches
20UK nmi 1459200022712.62µin
21UK nmi 1532160023848.25µin
22UK nmi 1605120024983.89µin
23UK nmi 1678080026119.52µin
24UK nmi 1751040027255.15µin
25UK nmi 1824000028390.78µin
26UK nmi 1896960029526.41µin
27UK nmi 1969920030662.04µin
28UK nmi 2042880031797.67µin
29UK nmi 2115840032933.30µin
30UK nmi 2188800034068.94µin
31UK nmi 2261760035204.57µin
32UK nmi 2334720036340.20µin
33UK nmi 2407680037475.83µin
34UK nmi 2480640038611.46µin
35UK nmi 2553600039747.09µin
36UK nmi 2626560040882.72µin
37UK nmi 2699520042018.35µin
38UK nmi 2772480043153.98µin
39UK nmi 2845440044289.62µin
UK Nautical Miles Microinches
40UK nmi 2918400045425.25µin
41UK nmi 2991360046560.88µin
42UK nmi 3064320047696.51µin
43UK nmi 3137280048832.14µin
44UK nmi 3210240049967.77µin
45UK nmi 3283200051103.40µin
46UK nmi 3356160052239.03µin
47UK nmi 3429120053374.66µin
48UK nmi 3502080054510.30µin
49UK nmi 3575040055645.93µin
50UK nmi 3648000056781.56µin
51UK nmi 3720960057917.19µin
52UK nmi 3793920059052.82µin
53UK nmi 3866880060188.45µin
54UK nmi 3939840061324.08µin
55UK nmi 4012800062459.71µin
56UK nmi 4085760063595.35µin
57UK nmi 4158720064730.98µin
58UK nmi 4231680065866.61µin
59UK nmi 4304640067002.24µin
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