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Convert Parsecs to UK Nautical Miles

UK nmi =
pc * 16651000000000
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Astronomers used trigonometry to calculate the distance to stars long before the term parsec was coined, but the new unit made it easier to conceptualise unfathomable distances.

A parsec is the distance from the sun to an astronomical object which has a parallax angle of one arcsecond (1/3600 of a degree). The parallax angle is found by measuring the parallax motion (or apparent movement of a star relative to stable, more distant stars) when the star is observed from opposite sides of the Sun (an interval of six months on Earth). The parallax angle is obtained by halving the angular difference in measurements.

Once the parallax angle is established you can calculate the distance to a star using trigonometry, because we know Earth’s distance from the Sun. The distance from the Sun of a body with a parallax angle of 1 arcsecond was thus defined as a unit and, thanks to Turner, named the parsec.

With the parsec defined, deriving and describing huge distances became easy, since a distance i


Convert Parsecs to UK Nautical Miles

UK nmi =
pc * 16651000000000

UK Nautical Miles

Nautical miles measure distance. 1 nautical mile is the angular distance of 1 minute of arc on the earth's surface. As these differ slightly (6108' at pole c.f. 6046' at equator) 6080 was adopted (this being it's approximate value in the English Channel). The International nautical mile is 1852 metres, so is very slightly different from the UK nautical mile.


Parsecs to UK Nautical Miles table
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Parsecs UK Nautical Miles
0pc 0.00UK nmi
1pc 16650680902584.14UK nmi
2pc 33301361805168.29UK nmi
3pc 49952042707752.43UK nmi
4pc 66602723610336.57UK nmi
5pc 83253404512920.72UK nmi
6pc 99904085415504.86UK nmi
7pc 116554766318089.00UK nmi
8pc 133205447220673.14UK nmi
9pc 149856128123257.28UK nmi
10pc 166506809025841.44UK nmi
11pc 183157489928425.56UK nmi
12pc 199808170831009.72UK nmi
13pc 216458851733593.84UK nmi
14pc 233109532636178.00UK nmi
15pc 249760213538762.12UK nmi
16pc 266410894441346.28UK nmi
17pc 283061575343930.44UK nmi
18pc 299712256246514.56UK nmi
19pc 316362937149098.69UK nmi
Parsecs UK Nautical Miles
20pc 333013618051682.88UK nmi
21pc 349664298954267.00UK nmi
22pc 366314979856851.12UK nmi
23pc 382965660759435.25UK nmi
24pc 399616341662019.44UK nmi
25pc 416267022564603.56UK nmi
26pc 432917703467187.69UK nmi
27pc 449568384369771.88UK nmi
28pc 466219065272356.00UK nmi
29pc 482869746174940.12UK nmi
30pc 499520427077524.25UK nmi
31pc 516171107980108.44UK nmi
32pc 532821788882692.56UK nmi
33pc 549472469785276.69UK nmi
34pc 566123150687860.88UK nmi
35pc 582773831590445.00UK nmi
36pc 599424512493029.12UK nmi
37pc 616075193395613.25UK nmi
38pc 632725874298197.38UK nmi
39pc 649376555200781.50UK nmi
Parsecs UK Nautical Miles
40pc 666027236103365.75UK nmi
41pc 682677917005949.88UK nmi
42pc 699328597908534.00UK nmi
43pc 715979278811118.12UK nmi
44pc 732629959713702.25UK nmi
45pc 749280640616286.38UK nmi
46pc 765931321518870.50UK nmi
47pc 782582002421454.75UK nmi
48pc 799232683324038.88UK nmi
49pc 815883364226623.00UK nmi
50pc 832534045129207.12UK nmi
51pc 849184726031791.25UK nmi
52pc 865835406934375.38UK nmi
53pc 882486087836959.50UK nmi
54pc 899136768739543.75UK nmi
55pc 915787449642127.88UK nmi
56pc 932438130544712.00UK nmi
57pc 949088811447296.12UK nmi
58pc 965739492349880.25UK nmi
59pc 982390173252464.38UK nmi
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