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Convert Parsecs to UK Leagues

UK lg =
pc * 6387400000000
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Astronomers used trigonometry to calculate the distance to stars long before the term parsec was coined, but the new unit made it easier to conceptualise unfathomable distances.

A parsec is the distance from the sun to an astronomical object which has a parallax angle of one arcsecond (1/3600 of a degree). The parallax angle is found by measuring the parallax motion (or apparent movement of a star relative to stable, more distant stars) when the star is observed from opposite sides of the Sun (an interval of six months on Earth). The parallax angle is obtained by halving the angular difference in measurements.

Once the parallax angle is established you can calculate the distance to a star using trigonometry, because we know Earth’s distance from the Sun. The distance from the Sun of a body with a parallax angle of 1 arcsecond was thus defined as a unit and, thanks to Turner, named the parsec.

With the parsec defined, deriving and describing huge distances became easy, since a distance i


Convert Parsecs to UK Leagues

UK lg =
pc * 6387400000000

UK Leagues

Note that UK leagues differ from Nautical Leagues, UK Nautical Leagues and US Leagues.


Parsecs to UK Leagues table
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Parsecs UK Leagues
0pc 0.00UK lg
1pc 6387352572882.70UK lg
2pc 12774705145765.40UK lg
3pc 19162057718648.10UK lg
4pc 25549410291530.80UK lg
5pc 31936762864413.51UK lg
6pc 38324115437296.20UK lg
7pc 44711468010178.91UK lg
8pc 51098820583061.61UK lg
9pc 57486173155944.31UK lg
10pc 63873525728827.02UK lg
11pc 70260878301709.71UK lg
12pc 76648230874592.41UK lg
13pc 83035583447475.11UK lg
14pc 89422936020357.81UK lg
15pc 95810288593240.52UK lg
16pc 102197641166123.22UK lg
17pc 108584993739005.92UK lg
18pc 114972346311888.62UK lg
19pc 121359698884771.33UK lg
Parsecs UK Leagues
20pc 127747051457654.03UK lg
21pc 134134404030536.72UK lg
22pc 140521756603419.42UK lg
23pc 146909109176302.12UK lg
24pc 153296461749184.81UK lg
25pc 159683814322067.53UK lg
26pc 166071166894950.22UK lg
27pc 172458519467832.94UK lg
28pc 178845872040715.62UK lg
29pc 185233224613598.34UK lg
30pc 191620577186481.03UK lg
31pc 198007929759363.75UK lg
32pc 204395282332246.44UK lg
33pc 210782634905129.12UK lg
34pc 217169987478011.84UK lg
35pc 223557340050894.53UK lg
36pc 229944692623777.25UK lg
37pc 236332045196659.94UK lg
38pc 242719397769542.66UK lg
39pc 249106750342425.34UK lg
Parsecs UK Leagues
40pc 255494102915308.06UK lg
41pc 261881455488190.75UK lg
42pc 268268808061073.44UK lg
43pc 274656160633956.16UK lg
44pc 281043513206838.84UK lg
45pc 287430865779721.56UK lg
46pc 293818218352604.25UK lg
47pc 300205570925486.94UK lg
48pc 306592923498369.62UK lg
49pc 312980276071252.38UK lg
50pc 319367628644135.06UK lg
51pc 325754981217017.75UK lg
52pc 332142333789900.44UK lg
53pc 338529686362783.19UK lg
54pc 344917038935665.88UK lg
55pc 351304391508548.56UK lg
56pc 357691744081431.25UK lg
57pc 364079096654313.94UK lg
58pc 370466449227196.69UK lg
59pc 376853801800079.38UK lg
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