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Parsecs to Miles formula

mi =
pc * 19174000000000
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Astronomers used trigonometry to calculate the distance to stars long before the term parsec was coined, but the new unit made it easier to conceptualise unfathomable distances.

A parsec is the distance from the sun to an astronomical object which has a parallax angle of one arcsecond (1/3600 of a degree). The parallax angle is found by measuring the parallax motion (or apparent movement of a star relative to stable, more distant stars) when the star is observed from opposite sides of the Sun (an interval of six months on Earth). The parallax angle is obtained by halving the angular difference in measurements.

Once the parallax angle is established you can calculate the distance to a star using trigonometry, because we know Earth’s distance from the Sun. The distance from the Sun of a body with a parallax angle of 1 arcsecond was thus defined as a unit and, thanks to Turner, named the parsec.

With the parsec defined, deriving and describing huge distances became easy, since a distance i


Parsecs to Miles formula

mi =
pc * 19174000000000


A unit of length equal to 1760 yards


Parsecs to Miles table

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Parsecs Miles
0pc 0.00mi
1pc 19173511445225.54mi
2pc 38347022890451.07mi
3pc 57520534335676.61mi
4pc 76694045780902.14mi
5pc 95867557226127.67mi
6pc 115041068671353.22mi
7pc 134214580116578.75mi
8pc 153388091561804.28mi
9pc 172561603007029.81mi
10pc 191735114452255.34mi
11pc 210908625897480.88mi
12pc 230082137342706.44mi
13pc 249255648787931.97mi
14pc 268429160233157.50mi
15pc 287602671678383.00mi
16pc 306776183123608.56mi
17pc 325949694568834.12mi
18pc 345123206014059.62mi
19pc 364296717459285.19mi
Parsecs Miles
20pc 383470228904510.69mi
21pc 402643740349736.25mi
22pc 421817251794961.75mi
23pc 440990763240187.31mi
24pc 460164274685412.88mi
25pc 479337786130638.38mi
26pc 498511297575863.94mi
27pc 517684809021089.44mi
28pc 536858320466315.00mi
29pc 556031831911540.50mi
30pc 575205343356766.00mi
31pc 594378854801991.62mi
32pc 613552366247217.12mi
33pc 632725877692442.62mi
34pc 651899389137668.25mi
35pc 671072900582893.75mi
36pc 690246412028119.25mi
37pc 709419923473344.75mi
38pc 728593434918570.38mi
39pc 747766946363795.88mi
Parsecs Miles
40pc 766940457809021.38mi
41pc 786113969254247.00mi
42pc 805287480699472.50mi
43pc 824460992144698.00mi
44pc 843634503589923.50mi
45pc 862808015035149.12mi
46pc 881981526480374.62mi
47pc 901155037925600.12mi
48pc 920328549370825.75mi
49pc 939502060816051.25mi
50pc 958675572261276.75mi
51pc 977849083706502.25mi
52pc 997022595151727.88mi
53pc 1016196106596953.38mi
54pc 1035369618042178.88mi
55pc 1054543129487404.38mi
56pc 1073716640932630.00mi
57pc 1092890152377855.50mi
58pc 1112063663823081.00mi
59pc 1131237175268306.50mi