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Nautical Leagues to Feet formula

ft =
nl * 18228
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Nautical Leagues

A nautical league was 6,080 yards - or three nautical miles (each league being 6,080 feet). Note that there also US Leagues, UK Leagues and UK Nautical Leagues which all differ.


Nautical Leagues to Feet formula

ft =
nl * 18228


The foot is a unit of length used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems, representing 1/3 of a yard, and is subdivided into twelve inches.


Nautical Leagues to Feet table

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Nautical Leagues Feet
0nl 0.00ft
1nl 18228.35ft
2nl 36456.69ft
3nl 54685.04ft
4nl 72913.39ft
5nl 91141.73ft
6nl 109370.08ft
7nl 127598.43ft
8nl 145826.77ft
9nl 164055.12ft
10nl 182283.47ft
11nl 200511.81ft
12nl 218740.16ft
13nl 236968.51ft
14nl 255196.85ft
15nl 273425.20ft
16nl 291653.55ft
17nl 309881.89ft
18nl 328110.24ft
19nl 346338.59ft
Nautical Leagues Feet
20nl 364566.93ft
21nl 382795.28ft
22nl 401023.63ft
23nl 419251.97ft
24nl 437480.32ft
25nl 455708.67ft
26nl 473937.01ft
27nl 492165.36ft
28nl 510393.70ft
29nl 528622.05ft
30nl 546850.40ft
31nl 565078.74ft
32nl 583307.09ft
33nl 601535.44ft
34nl 619763.78ft
35nl 637992.13ft
36nl 656220.48ft
37nl 674448.82ft
38nl 692677.17ft
39nl 710905.52ft
Nautical Leagues Feet
40nl 729133.86ft
41nl 747362.21ft
42nl 765590.56ft
43nl 783818.90ft
44nl 802047.25ft
45nl 820275.60ft
46nl 838503.94ft
47nl 856732.29ft
48nl 874960.64ft
49nl 893188.98ft
50nl 911417.33ft
51nl 929645.68ft
52nl 947874.02ft
53nl 966102.37ft
54nl 984330.72ft
55nl 1002559.06ft
56nl 1020787.41ft
57nl 1039015.76ft
58nl 1057244.10ft
59nl 1075472.45ft