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Convert Lightyears to US Nautical Miles

US nmi =
ly * 5108400000000
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A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year. Since there are various definitions for the length of a year, there are correspondingly slightly different values for a lightyear. One lightyear corresponds to about 9.461e15 m, 5.879e12 mi, or 63239.7 AU, or 0.3066 pc.


Convert Lightyears to US Nautical Miles

US nmi =
ly * 5108400000000

US Nautical Miles

A unit of length used in marine navigation that is equal to a minute of arc of a great circle on a sphere. One international nautical mile is equivalent to 1,852 meters or 1.151 statue miles. Please not that this is different to a UK Nautical mile.


Lightyears to US Nautical Miles table
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Lightyears US Nautical Miles
0ly 0.00US nmi
1ly 5108385916074.99US nmi
2ly 10216771832149.99US nmi
3ly 15325157748224.98US nmi
4ly 20433543664299.97US nmi
5ly 25541929580374.96US nmi
6ly 30650315496449.96US nmi
7ly 35758701412524.95US nmi
8ly 40867087328599.95US nmi
9ly 45975473244674.94US nmi
10ly 51083859160749.93US nmi
11ly 56192245076824.92US nmi
12ly 61300630992899.92US nmi
13ly 66409016908974.91US nmi
14ly 71517402825049.91US nmi
15ly 76625788741124.89US nmi
16ly 81734174657199.89US nmi
17ly 86842560573274.89US nmi
18ly 91950946489349.88US nmi
19ly 97059332405424.88US nmi
Lightyears US Nautical Miles
20ly 102167718321499.86US nmi
21ly 107276104237574.86US nmi
22ly 112384490153649.84US nmi
23ly 117492876069724.84US nmi
24ly 122601261985799.84US nmi
25ly 127709647901874.83US nmi
26ly 132818033817949.83US nmi
27ly 137926419734024.81US nmi
28ly 143034805650099.81US nmi
29ly 148143191566174.81US nmi
30ly 153251577482249.78US nmi
31ly 158359963398324.78US nmi
32ly 163468349314399.78US nmi
33ly 168576735230474.78US nmi
34ly 173685121146549.78US nmi
35ly 178793507062624.75US nmi
36ly 183901892978699.75US nmi
37ly 189010278894774.75US nmi
38ly 194118664810849.75US nmi
39ly 199227050726924.72US nmi
Lightyears US Nautical Miles
40ly 204335436642999.72US nmi
41ly 209443822559074.72US nmi
42ly 214552208475149.72US nmi
43ly 219660594391224.72US nmi
44ly 224768980307299.69US nmi
45ly 229877366223374.69US nmi
46ly 234985752139449.69US nmi
47ly 240094138055524.69US nmi
48ly 245202523971599.69US nmi
49ly 250310909887674.66US nmi
50ly 255419295803749.66US nmi
51ly 260527681719824.66US nmi
52ly 265636067635899.66US nmi
53ly 270744453551974.62US nmi
54ly 275852839468049.62US nmi
55ly 280961225384124.62US nmi
56ly 286069611300199.62US nmi
57ly 291177997216274.62US nmi
58ly 296286383132349.62US nmi
59ly 301394769048424.62US nmi
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