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Convert Lightyears to UK Nautical Miles

UK nmi =
ly * 5105100000000
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A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year. Since there are various definitions for the length of a year, there are correspondingly slightly different values for a lightyear. One lightyear corresponds to about 9.461e15 m, 5.879e12 mi, or 63239.7 AU, or 0.3066 pc.


Convert Lightyears to UK Nautical Miles

UK nmi =
ly * 5105100000000

UK Nautical Miles

Nautical miles measure distance. 1 nautical mile is the angular distance of 1 minute of arc on the earth's surface. As these differ slightly (6108' at pole c.f. 6046' at equator) 6080 was adopted (this being it's approximate value in the English Channel). The International nautical mile is 1852 metres, so is very slightly different from the UK nautical mile.


Lightyears to UK Nautical Miles table
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Lightyears UK Nautical Miles
0ly 0.00UK nmi
1ly 5105122153171.50UK nmi
2ly 10210244306343.01UK nmi
3ly 15315366459514.51UK nmi
4ly 20420488612686.01UK nmi
5ly 25525610765857.52UK nmi
6ly 30630732919029.02UK nmi
7ly 35735855072200.52UK nmi
8ly 40840977225372.02UK nmi
9ly 45946099378543.52UK nmi
10ly 51051221531715.03UK nmi
11ly 56156343684886.53UK nmi
12ly 61261465838058.03UK nmi
13ly 66366587991229.54UK nmi
14ly 71471710144401.05UK nmi
15ly 76576832297572.55UK nmi
16ly 81681954450744.05UK nmi
17ly 86787076603915.55UK nmi
18ly 91892198757087.05UK nmi
19ly 96997320910258.56UK nmi
Lightyears UK Nautical Miles
20ly 102102443063430.06UK nmi
21ly 107207565216601.56UK nmi
22ly 112312687369773.06UK nmi
23ly 117417809522944.56UK nmi
24ly 122522931676116.06UK nmi
25ly 127628053829287.58UK nmi
26ly 132733175982459.08UK nmi
27ly 137838298135630.58UK nmi
28ly 142943420288802.09UK nmi
29ly 148048542441973.59UK nmi
30ly 153153664595145.09UK nmi
31ly 158258786748316.59UK nmi
32ly 163363908901488.09UK nmi
33ly 168469031054659.59UK nmi
34ly 173574153207831.09UK nmi
35ly 178679275361002.59UK nmi
36ly 183784397514174.09UK nmi
37ly 188889519667345.59UK nmi
38ly 193994641820517.12UK nmi
39ly 199099763973688.62UK nmi
Lightyears UK Nautical Miles
40ly 204204886126860.12UK nmi
41ly 209310008280031.62UK nmi
42ly 214415130433203.12UK nmi
43ly 219520252586374.62UK nmi
44ly 224625374739546.12UK nmi
45ly 229730496892717.62UK nmi
46ly 234835619045889.12UK nmi
47ly 239940741199060.62UK nmi
48ly 245045863352232.12UK nmi
49ly 250150985505403.66UK nmi
50ly 255256107658575.16UK nmi
51ly 260361229811746.66UK nmi
52ly 265466351964918.16UK nmi
53ly 270571474118089.66UK nmi
54ly 275676596271261.16UK nmi
55ly 280781718424432.66UK nmi
56ly 285886840577604.19UK nmi
57ly 290991962730775.69UK nmi
58ly 296097084883947.19UK nmi
59ly 301202207037118.69UK nmi
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