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Therms (US) to Foot-pounds formula

ft-lb =
Therm(US) * 77798000
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Therms (US)

One Therm (US) = 100,000 BTU59°F = 105,480,400 joules = 29.3001111 kWh.


Therms (US) to Foot-pounds formula

ft-lb =
Therm(US) * 77798000


One foot pound is the work done by a force of one pounl acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 1.355 817 948 331 4004 joules


Therms (US) to Foot-pounds table

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Therms (US) Foot-pounds
0Therm(US) 0.00ft-lb
1Therm(US) 77798350.44ft-lb
2Therm(US) 155596700.88ft-lb
3Therm(US) 233395051.32ft-lb
4Therm(US) 311193401.76ft-lb
5Therm(US) 388991752.20ft-lb
6Therm(US) 466790102.64ft-lb
7Therm(US) 544588453.08ft-lb
8Therm(US) 622386803.52ft-lb
9Therm(US) 700185153.96ft-lb
10Therm(US) 777983504.41ft-lb
11Therm(US) 855781854.85ft-lb
12Therm(US) 933580205.29ft-lb
13Therm(US) 1011378555.73ft-lb
14Therm(US) 1089176906.17ft-lb
15Therm(US) 1166975256.61ft-lb
16Therm(US) 1244773607.05ft-lb
17Therm(US) 1322571957.49ft-lb
18Therm(US) 1400370307.93ft-lb
19Therm(US) 1478168658.37ft-lb
Therms (US) Foot-pounds
20Therm(US) 1555967008.81ft-lb
21Therm(US) 1633765359.25ft-lb
22Therm(US) 1711563709.69ft-lb
23Therm(US) 1789362060.13ft-lb
24Therm(US) 1867160410.57ft-lb
25Therm(US) 1944958761.01ft-lb
26Therm(US) 2022757111.45ft-lb
27Therm(US) 2100555461.89ft-lb
28Therm(US) 2178353812.34ft-lb
29Therm(US) 2256152162.78ft-lb
30Therm(US) 2333950513.22ft-lb
31Therm(US) 2411748863.66ft-lb
32Therm(US) 2489547214.10ft-lb
33Therm(US) 2567345564.54ft-lb
34Therm(US) 2645143914.98ft-lb
35Therm(US) 2722942265.42ft-lb
36Therm(US) 2800740615.86ft-lb
37Therm(US) 2878538966.30ft-lb
38Therm(US) 2956337316.74ft-lb
39Therm(US) 3034135667.18ft-lb
Therms (US) Foot-pounds
40Therm(US) 3111934017.62ft-lb
41Therm(US) 3189732368.06ft-lb
42Therm(US) 3267530718.50ft-lb
43Therm(US) 3345329068.94ft-lb
44Therm(US) 3423127419.38ft-lb
45Therm(US) 3500925769.82ft-lb
46Therm(US) 3578724120.27ft-lb
47Therm(US) 3656522470.71ft-lb
48Therm(US) 3734320821.15ft-lb
49Therm(US) 3812119171.59ft-lb
50Therm(US) 3889917522.03ft-lb
51Therm(US) 3967715872.47ft-lb
52Therm(US) 4045514222.91ft-lb
53Therm(US) 4123312573.35ft-lb
54Therm(US) 4201110923.79ft-lb
55Therm(US) 4278909274.23ft-lb
56Therm(US) 4356707624.67ft-lb
57Therm(US) 4434505975.11ft-lb
58Therm(US) 4512304325.55ft-lb
59Therm(US) 4590102675.99ft-lb