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Therms (US) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Therm(US) * 2503100000
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Therms (US)

One Therm (US) = 100,000 BTU59°F = 105,480,400 joules = 29.3001111 kWh.


Therms (US) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Therm(US) * 2503100000


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Therms (US) to Foot-poundals table

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Therms (US) Foot-poundals
0Therm(US) 0.00ft-pd
1Therm(US) 2503087859.59ft-pd
2Therm(US) 5006175719.19ft-pd
3Therm(US) 7509263578.78ft-pd
4Therm(US) 10012351438.37ft-pd
5Therm(US) 12515439297.97ft-pd
6Therm(US) 15018527157.56ft-pd
7Therm(US) 17521615017.15ft-pd
8Therm(US) 20024702876.74ft-pd
9Therm(US) 22527790736.34ft-pd
10Therm(US) 25030878595.93ft-pd
11Therm(US) 27533966455.52ft-pd
12Therm(US) 30037054315.12ft-pd
13Therm(US) 32540142174.71ft-pd
14Therm(US) 35043230034.30ft-pd
15Therm(US) 37546317893.90ft-pd
16Therm(US) 40049405753.49ft-pd
17Therm(US) 42552493613.08ft-pd
18Therm(US) 45055581472.68ft-pd
19Therm(US) 47558669332.27ft-pd
Therms (US) Foot-poundals
20Therm(US) 50061757191.86ft-pd
21Therm(US) 52564845051.46ft-pd
22Therm(US) 55067932911.05ft-pd
23Therm(US) 57571020770.64ft-pd
24Therm(US) 60074108630.23ft-pd
25Therm(US) 62577196489.83ft-pd
26Therm(US) 65080284349.42ft-pd
27Therm(US) 67583372209.01ft-pd
28Therm(US) 70086460068.61ft-pd
29Therm(US) 72589547928.20ft-pd
30Therm(US) 75092635787.79ft-pd
31Therm(US) 77595723647.39ft-pd
32Therm(US) 80098811506.98ft-pd
33Therm(US) 82601899366.57ft-pd
34Therm(US) 85104987226.17ft-pd
35Therm(US) 87608075085.76ft-pd
36Therm(US) 90111162945.35ft-pd
37Therm(US) 92614250804.94ft-pd
38Therm(US) 95117338664.54ft-pd
39Therm(US) 97620426524.13ft-pd
Therms (US) Foot-poundals
40Therm(US) 100123514383.72ft-pd
41Therm(US) 102626602243.32ft-pd
42Therm(US) 105129690102.91ft-pd
43Therm(US) 107632777962.50ft-pd
44Therm(US) 110135865822.10ft-pd
45Therm(US) 112638953681.69ft-pd
46Therm(US) 115142041541.28ft-pd
47Therm(US) 117645129400.88ft-pd
48Therm(US) 120148217260.47ft-pd
49Therm(US) 122651305120.06ft-pd
50Therm(US) 125154392979.65ft-pd
51Therm(US) 127657480839.25ft-pd
52Therm(US) 130160568698.84ft-pd
53Therm(US) 132663656558.43ft-pd
54Therm(US) 135166744418.03ft-pd
55Therm(US) 137669832277.62ft-pd
56Therm(US) 140172920137.21ft-pd
57Therm(US) 142676007996.81ft-pd
58Therm(US) 145179095856.40ft-pd
59Therm(US) 147682183715.99ft-pd