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Therms (US) to Calories (nutritional) formula

Calorie (nutritional) =
Therm(US) * 25210.
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Therms (US)

One Therm (US) = 100,000 BTU59°F = 105,480,400 joules = 29.3001111 kWh.


Therms (US) to Calories (nutritional) formula

Calorie (nutritional) =
Therm(US) * 25210.

Calories (nutritional)

One nutritional calorie is the amount of energy needed to warm 1 kilogram of water by 1° C. It is equal to 4,184 J


Therms (US) to Calories (nutritional) table

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Therms (US) Calories (nutritional)
0Therm(US) 0.00Calorie (nutritional)
1Therm(US) 25210.42Calorie (nutritional)
2Therm(US) 50420.84Calorie (nutritional)
3Therm(US) 75631.26Calorie (nutritional)
4Therm(US) 100841.68Calorie (nutritional)
5Therm(US) 126052.11Calorie (nutritional)
6Therm(US) 151262.53Calorie (nutritional)
7Therm(US) 176472.95Calorie (nutritional)
8Therm(US) 201683.37Calorie (nutritional)
9Therm(US) 226893.79Calorie (nutritional)
10Therm(US) 252104.21Calorie (nutritional)
11Therm(US) 277314.63Calorie (nutritional)
12Therm(US) 302525.05Calorie (nutritional)
13Therm(US) 327735.47Calorie (nutritional)
14Therm(US) 352945.89Calorie (nutritional)
15Therm(US) 378156.32Calorie (nutritional)
16Therm(US) 403366.74Calorie (nutritional)
17Therm(US) 428577.16Calorie (nutritional)
18Therm(US) 453787.58Calorie (nutritional)
19Therm(US) 478998.00Calorie (nutritional)
Therms (US) Calories (nutritional)
20Therm(US) 504208.42Calorie (nutritional)
21Therm(US) 529418.84Calorie (nutritional)
22Therm(US) 554629.26Calorie (nutritional)
23Therm(US) 579839.68Calorie (nutritional)
24Therm(US) 605050.10Calorie (nutritional)
25Therm(US) 630260.53Calorie (nutritional)
26Therm(US) 655470.95Calorie (nutritional)
27Therm(US) 680681.37Calorie (nutritional)
28Therm(US) 705891.79Calorie (nutritional)
29Therm(US) 731102.21Calorie (nutritional)
30Therm(US) 756312.63Calorie (nutritional)
31Therm(US) 781523.05Calorie (nutritional)
32Therm(US) 806733.47Calorie (nutritional)
33Therm(US) 831943.89Calorie (nutritional)
34Therm(US) 857154.31Calorie (nutritional)
35Therm(US) 882364.74Calorie (nutritional)
36Therm(US) 907575.16Calorie (nutritional)
37Therm(US) 932785.58Calorie (nutritional)
38Therm(US) 957996.00Calorie (nutritional)
39Therm(US) 983206.42Calorie (nutritional)
Therms (US) Calories (nutritional)
40Therm(US) 1008416.84Calorie (nutritional)
41Therm(US) 1033627.26Calorie (nutritional)
42Therm(US) 1058837.68Calorie (nutritional)
43Therm(US) 1084048.10Calorie (nutritional)
44Therm(US) 1109258.52Calorie (nutritional)
45Therm(US) 1134468.95Calorie (nutritional)
46Therm(US) 1159679.37Calorie (nutritional)
47Therm(US) 1184889.79Calorie (nutritional)
48Therm(US) 1210100.21Calorie (nutritional)
49Therm(US) 1235310.63Calorie (nutritional)
50Therm(US) 1260521.05Calorie (nutritional)
51Therm(US) 1285731.47Calorie (nutritional)
52Therm(US) 1310941.89Calorie (nutritional)
53Therm(US) 1336152.31Calorie (nutritional)
54Therm(US) 1361362.73Calorie (nutritional)
55Therm(US) 1386573.16Calorie (nutritional)
56Therm(US) 1411783.58Calorie (nutritional)
57Therm(US) 1436994.00Calorie (nutritional)
58Therm(US) 1462204.42Calorie (nutritional)
59Therm(US) 1487414.84Calorie (nutritional)