Therms (US) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) conversion

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Therms (US) (Swap Units)


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Therms (US) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) formula

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) =
Therm(US) * 99978
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More information: Therms (US)
More information: Btu (I.T., pre-1956)

Therms (US)

One Therm (US) = 100,000 BTU59°F = 105,480,400 joules = 29.3001111 kWh.


Therms (US) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) formula

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) =
Therm(US) * 99978


Therms (US) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) table

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Therms (US) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
0Therm(US) 0.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
1Therm(US) 99977.63Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
2Therm(US) 199955.26Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
3Therm(US) 299932.89Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
4Therm(US) 399910.52Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
5Therm(US) 499888.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
6Therm(US) 599865.78Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
7Therm(US) 699843.42Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
8Therm(US) 799821.05Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
9Therm(US) 899798.68Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
10Therm(US) 999776.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
11Therm(US) 1099753.94Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
12Therm(US) 1199731.57Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
13Therm(US) 1299709.20Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
14Therm(US) 1399686.83Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
15Therm(US) 1499664.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
16Therm(US) 1599642.09Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
17Therm(US) 1699619.72Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
18Therm(US) 1799597.35Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
19Therm(US) 1899574.98Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
Therms (US) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
20Therm(US) 1999552.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
21Therm(US) 2099530.25Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
22Therm(US) 2199507.88Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
23Therm(US) 2299485.51Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
24Therm(US) 2399463.14Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
25Therm(US) 2499440.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
26Therm(US) 2599418.40Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
27Therm(US) 2699396.03Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
28Therm(US) 2799373.66Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
29Therm(US) 2899351.29Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
30Therm(US) 2999328.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
31Therm(US) 3099306.55Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
32Therm(US) 3199284.18Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
33Therm(US) 3299261.82Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
34Therm(US) 3399239.45Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
35Therm(US) 3499217.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
36Therm(US) 3599194.71Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
37Therm(US) 3699172.34Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
38Therm(US) 3799149.97Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
39Therm(US) 3899127.60Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
Therms (US) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
40Therm(US) 3999105.23Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
41Therm(US) 4099082.86Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
42Therm(US) 4199060.49Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
43Therm(US) 4299038.12Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
44Therm(US) 4399015.75Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
45Therm(US) 4498993.38Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
46Therm(US) 4598971.02Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
47Therm(US) 4698948.65Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
48Therm(US) 4798926.28Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
49Therm(US) 4898903.91Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
50Therm(US) 4998881.54Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
51Therm(US) 5098859.17Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
52Therm(US) 5198836.80Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
53Therm(US) 5298814.43Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
54Therm(US) 5398792.06Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
55Therm(US) 5498769.69Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
56Therm(US) 5598747.32Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
57Therm(US) 5698724.95Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
58Therm(US) 5798702.58Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
59Therm(US) 5898680.22Btu (I.T., pre-1956)