Therms (US) to Btu (15.8°C, Canada)

Btu (15.8°C, Canada) to Therms (US) (Swap Units)


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Therms (US) to Btu (15.8°C, Canada) formula

Btu (15.8°C, Canada) =
Therm(US) * 100020
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Therms (US)

One Therm (US) = 100,000 BTU59°F = 105,480,400 joules = 29.3001111 kWh.


Therms (US) to Btu (15.8°C, Canada) formula

Btu (15.8°C, Canada) =
Therm(US) * 100020

Btu (15.8°C, Canada)

One BTU is defined as the energy needed to warm 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere. One Btu (15.8°C, Canada) equates to 1054.615 J


Therms (US) to Btu (15.8°C, Canada) table

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Therms (US) Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
0Therm(US) 0.00Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
1Therm(US) 100017.92Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
2Therm(US) 200035.84Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
3Therm(US) 300053.76Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
4Therm(US) 400071.68Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
5Therm(US) 500089.61Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
6Therm(US) 600107.53Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
7Therm(US) 700125.45Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
8Therm(US) 800143.37Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
9Therm(US) 900161.29Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
10Therm(US) 1000179.21Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
11Therm(US) 1100197.13Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
12Therm(US) 1200215.05Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
13Therm(US) 1300232.97Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
14Therm(US) 1400250.90Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
15Therm(US) 1500268.82Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
16Therm(US) 1600286.74Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
17Therm(US) 1700304.66Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
18Therm(US) 1800322.58Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
19Therm(US) 1900340.50Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
Therms (US) Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
20Therm(US) 2000358.42Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
21Therm(US) 2100376.34Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
22Therm(US) 2200394.26Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
23Therm(US) 2300412.19Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
24Therm(US) 2400430.11Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
25Therm(US) 2500448.03Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
26Therm(US) 2600465.95Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
27Therm(US) 2700483.87Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
28Therm(US) 2800501.79Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
29Therm(US) 2900519.71Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
30Therm(US) 3000537.63Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
31Therm(US) 3100555.55Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
32Therm(US) 3200573.48Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
33Therm(US) 3300591.40Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
34Therm(US) 3400609.32Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
35Therm(US) 3500627.24Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
36Therm(US) 3600645.16Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
37Therm(US) 3700663.08Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
38Therm(US) 3800681.00Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
39Therm(US) 3900698.92Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
Therms (US) Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
40Therm(US) 4000716.84Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
41Therm(US) 4100734.77Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
42Therm(US) 4200752.69Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
43Therm(US) 4300770.61Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
44Therm(US) 4400788.53Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
45Therm(US) 4500806.45Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
46Therm(US) 4600824.37Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
47Therm(US) 4700842.29Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
48Therm(US) 4800860.21Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
49Therm(US) 4900878.13Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
50Therm(US) 5000896.06Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
51Therm(US) 5100913.98Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
52Therm(US) 5200931.90Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
53Therm(US) 5300949.82Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
54Therm(US) 5400967.74Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
55Therm(US) 5500985.66Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
56Therm(US) 5601003.58Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
57Therm(US) 5701021.50Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
58Therm(US) 5801039.42Btu (15.8°C, Canada)
59Therm(US) 5901057.35Btu (15.8°C, Canada)