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Therms (UK) to Foot-pounds formula

ft-lb =
Therm(UK) * 77817000
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Therms (UK)

1 Therm(UK) = 105,505,585.257 348 joules = 29.30710701583 kWh


Therms (UK) to Foot-pounds formula

ft-lb =
Therm(UK) * 77817000


One foot pound is the work done by a force of one pounl acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 1.355 817 948 331 4004 joules


Therms (UK) to Foot-pounds table

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Therms (UK) Foot-pounds
0Therm(UK) 0.00ft-lb
1Therm(UK) 77816926.33ft-lb
2Therm(UK) 155633852.66ft-lb
3Therm(UK) 233450778.99ft-lb
4Therm(UK) 311267705.31ft-lb
5Therm(UK) 389084631.64ft-lb
6Therm(UK) 466901557.97ft-lb
7Therm(UK) 544718484.30ft-lb
8Therm(UK) 622535410.63ft-lb
9Therm(UK) 700352336.96ft-lb
10Therm(UK) 778169263.29ft-lb
11Therm(UK) 855986189.61ft-lb
12Therm(UK) 933803115.94ft-lb
13Therm(UK) 1011620042.27ft-lb
14Therm(UK) 1089436968.60ft-lb
15Therm(UK) 1167253894.93ft-lb
16Therm(UK) 1245070821.26ft-lb
17Therm(UK) 1322887747.59ft-lb
18Therm(UK) 1400704673.91ft-lb
19Therm(UK) 1478521600.24ft-lb
Therms (UK) Foot-pounds
20Therm(UK) 1556338526.57ft-lb
21Therm(UK) 1634155452.90ft-lb
22Therm(UK) 1711972379.23ft-lb
23Therm(UK) 1789789305.56ft-lb
24Therm(UK) 1867606231.89ft-lb
25Therm(UK) 1945423158.21ft-lb
26Therm(UK) 2023240084.54ft-lb
27Therm(UK) 2101057010.87ft-lb
28Therm(UK) 2178873937.20ft-lb
29Therm(UK) 2256690863.53ft-lb
30Therm(UK) 2334507789.86ft-lb
31Therm(UK) 2412324716.19ft-lb
32Therm(UK) 2490141642.51ft-lb
33Therm(UK) 2567958568.84ft-lb
34Therm(UK) 2645775495.17ft-lb
35Therm(UK) 2723592421.50ft-lb
36Therm(UK) 2801409347.83ft-lb
37Therm(UK) 2879226274.16ft-lb
38Therm(UK) 2957043200.49ft-lb
39Therm(UK) 3034860126.81ft-lb
Therms (UK) Foot-pounds
40Therm(UK) 3112677053.14ft-lb
41Therm(UK) 3190493979.47ft-lb
42Therm(UK) 3268310905.80ft-lb
43Therm(UK) 3346127832.13ft-lb
44Therm(UK) 3423944758.46ft-lb
45Therm(UK) 3501761684.79ft-lb
46Therm(UK) 3579578611.11ft-lb
47Therm(UK) 3657395537.44ft-lb
48Therm(UK) 3735212463.77ft-lb
49Therm(UK) 3813029390.10ft-lb
50Therm(UK) 3890846316.43ft-lb
51Therm(UK) 3968663242.76ft-lb
52Therm(UK) 4046480169.09ft-lb
53Therm(UK) 4124297095.41ft-lb
54Therm(UK) 4202114021.74ft-lb
55Therm(UK) 4279930948.07ft-lb
56Therm(UK) 4357747874.40ft-lb
57Therm(UK) 4435564800.73ft-lb
58Therm(UK) 4513381727.06ft-lb
59Therm(UK) 4591198653.39ft-lb