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Therms (UK) to Btu (3.9°C) formula

Btu (3.9°C) =
Therm(UK) * 99565
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Therms (UK)

1 Therm(UK) = 105,505,585.257 348 joules = 29.30710701583 kWh


Therms (UK) to Btu (3.9°C) formula

Btu (3.9°C) =
Therm(UK) * 99565

Btu (3.9°C)

One BTU is the energy required to warm 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at one atmosphere. The Btu (3.9°C) uses the calorie value of water at the temperature of its maximum density


Therms (UK) to Btu (3.9°C) table

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Therms (UK) Btu (3.9°C)
0Therm(UK) 0.00Btu (3.9°C)
1Therm(UK) 99564.57Btu (3.9°C)
2Therm(UK) 199129.14Btu (3.9°C)
3Therm(UK) 298693.70Btu (3.9°C)
4Therm(UK) 398258.27Btu (3.9°C)
5Therm(UK) 497822.84Btu (3.9°C)
6Therm(UK) 597387.41Btu (3.9°C)
7Therm(UK) 696951.98Btu (3.9°C)
8Therm(UK) 796516.54Btu (3.9°C)
9Therm(UK) 896081.11Btu (3.9°C)
10Therm(UK) 995645.68Btu (3.9°C)
11Therm(UK) 1095210.25Btu (3.9°C)
12Therm(UK) 1194774.81Btu (3.9°C)
13Therm(UK) 1294339.38Btu (3.9°C)
14Therm(UK) 1393903.95Btu (3.9°C)
15Therm(UK) 1493468.52Btu (3.9°C)
16Therm(UK) 1593033.09Btu (3.9°C)
17Therm(UK) 1692597.65Btu (3.9°C)
18Therm(UK) 1792162.22Btu (3.9°C)
19Therm(UK) 1891726.79Btu (3.9°C)
Therms (UK) Btu (3.9°C)
20Therm(UK) 1991291.36Btu (3.9°C)
21Therm(UK) 2090855.93Btu (3.9°C)
22Therm(UK) 2190420.49Btu (3.9°C)
23Therm(UK) 2289985.06Btu (3.9°C)
24Therm(UK) 2389549.63Btu (3.9°C)
25Therm(UK) 2489114.20Btu (3.9°C)
26Therm(UK) 2588678.77Btu (3.9°C)
27Therm(UK) 2688243.33Btu (3.9°C)
28Therm(UK) 2787807.90Btu (3.9°C)
29Therm(UK) 2887372.47Btu (3.9°C)
30Therm(UK) 2986937.04Btu (3.9°C)
31Therm(UK) 3086501.60Btu (3.9°C)
32Therm(UK) 3186066.17Btu (3.9°C)
33Therm(UK) 3285630.74Btu (3.9°C)
34Therm(UK) 3385195.31Btu (3.9°C)
35Therm(UK) 3484759.88Btu (3.9°C)
36Therm(UK) 3584324.44Btu (3.9°C)
37Therm(UK) 3683889.01Btu (3.9°C)
38Therm(UK) 3783453.58Btu (3.9°C)
39Therm(UK) 3883018.15Btu (3.9°C)
Therms (UK) Btu (3.9°C)
40Therm(UK) 3982582.72Btu (3.9°C)
41Therm(UK) 4082147.28Btu (3.9°C)
42Therm(UK) 4181711.85Btu (3.9°C)
43Therm(UK) 4281276.42Btu (3.9°C)
44Therm(UK) 4380840.99Btu (3.9°C)
45Therm(UK) 4480405.56Btu (3.9°C)
46Therm(UK) 4579970.12Btu (3.9°C)
47Therm(UK) 4679534.69Btu (3.9°C)
48Therm(UK) 4779099.26Btu (3.9°C)
49Therm(UK) 4878663.83Btu (3.9°C)
50Therm(UK) 4978228.39Btu (3.9°C)
51Therm(UK) 5077792.96Btu (3.9°C)
52Therm(UK) 5177357.53Btu (3.9°C)
53Therm(UK) 5276922.10Btu (3.9°C)
54Therm(UK) 5376486.67Btu (3.9°C)
55Therm(UK) 5476051.23Btu (3.9°C)
56Therm(UK) 5575615.80Btu (3.9°C)
57Therm(UK) 5675180.37Btu (3.9°C)
58Therm(UK) 5774744.94Btu (3.9°C)
59Therm(UK) 5874309.51Btu (3.9°C)