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Therms (EC) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Therm(EC) * 2503700000
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Therms (EC)

One Therm (EC) = 100,000 BTUIT = 105,506,000 joules = 29.3072222 kWh


Therms (EC) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Therm(EC) * 2503700000


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Therms (EC) to Foot-poundals table

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Therms (EC) Foot-poundals
0Therm(EC) 0.00ft-pd
1Therm(EC) 2503685521.11ft-pd
2Therm(EC) 5007371042.21ft-pd
3Therm(EC) 7511056563.32ft-pd
4Therm(EC) 10014742084.42ft-pd
5Therm(EC) 12518427605.53ft-pd
6Therm(EC) 15022113126.63ft-pd
7Therm(EC) 17525798647.74ft-pd
8Therm(EC) 20029484168.84ft-pd
9Therm(EC) 22533169689.95ft-pd
10Therm(EC) 25036855211.06ft-pd
11Therm(EC) 27540540732.16ft-pd
12Therm(EC) 30044226253.27ft-pd
13Therm(EC) 32547911774.37ft-pd
14Therm(EC) 35051597295.48ft-pd
15Therm(EC) 37555282816.58ft-pd
16Therm(EC) 40058968337.69ft-pd
17Therm(EC) 42562653858.80ft-pd
18Therm(EC) 45066339379.90ft-pd
19Therm(EC) 47570024901.01ft-pd
Therms (EC) Foot-poundals
20Therm(EC) 50073710422.11ft-pd
21Therm(EC) 52577395943.22ft-pd
22Therm(EC) 55081081464.32ft-pd
23Therm(EC) 57584766985.43ft-pd
24Therm(EC) 60088452506.53ft-pd
25Therm(EC) 62592138027.64ft-pd
26Therm(EC) 65095823548.75ft-pd
27Therm(EC) 67599509069.85ft-pd
28Therm(EC) 70103194590.96ft-pd
29Therm(EC) 72606880112.06ft-pd
30Therm(EC) 75110565633.17ft-pd
31Therm(EC) 77614251154.27ft-pd
32Therm(EC) 80117936675.38ft-pd
33Therm(EC) 82621622196.48ft-pd
34Therm(EC) 85125307717.59ft-pd
35Therm(EC) 87628993238.70ft-pd
36Therm(EC) 90132678759.80ft-pd
37Therm(EC) 92636364280.91ft-pd
38Therm(EC) 95140049802.01ft-pd
39Therm(EC) 97643735323.12ft-pd
Therms (EC) Foot-poundals
40Therm(EC) 100147420844.22ft-pd
41Therm(EC) 102651106365.33ft-pd
42Therm(EC) 105154791886.43ft-pd
43Therm(EC) 107658477407.54ft-pd
44Therm(EC) 110162162928.65ft-pd
45Therm(EC) 112665848449.75ft-pd
46Therm(EC) 115169533970.86ft-pd
47Therm(EC) 117673219491.96ft-pd
48Therm(EC) 120176905013.07ft-pd
49Therm(EC) 122680590534.17ft-pd
50Therm(EC) 125184276055.28ft-pd
51Therm(EC) 127687961576.39ft-pd
52Therm(EC) 130191647097.49ft-pd
53Therm(EC) 132695332618.60ft-pd
54Therm(EC) 135199018139.70ft-pd
55Therm(EC) 137702703660.81ft-pd
56Therm(EC) 140206389181.91ft-pd
57Therm(EC) 142710074703.02ft-pd
58Therm(EC) 145213760224.12ft-pd
59Therm(EC) 147717445745.23ft-pd